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So WTF - does EVERYBODY on this island have daddy issues?? Jesus fucking christ!

And once again it managed to scared the bejezus out of me when Michael was all like "go on ahead! Don't worry about me!" when there's an obviously pissed off polar bear trying to eat him. And then it cuts to commercial. See - in my world that means Michael is going to get eaten alive, and that idea pissed me off through the whole commercial break.

Oh, and at the end, I screamed, literally SCREAMED "OH MY GOD IT'S CLAIRE!!!" when she stumbled out of the darkness. No longer pregnant. And looking very, very bad.

Charlie gets a billion cute points for his "do I read the diary or not?" struggle.

Favorite Moments of the show:

Michael: So, what crazy plan are you guys coming up with? Because, you know, it's been a while since I've been chased by a bear.
Sayid: Well, we have this map
Shannon: And on this map there's a triangle
Sayid: And that triangle looks interesting
Shannon: And there's also a song about fish
Michael: Hol' up here bitch - when did you become so involved?
Shannon: Since the writers though I would make a good girlfriend for Sayid.
Michael: This is whack, yo. I'm sick of this shit. I say we build a raft and get off this rock.
Jack: Look buddy - the survivors of the SS Minnow never made a raft and they had a professor.
Shannon: Yeah, building a raft is hard. Didn't you ever watch Cast Away?
Michael: Whatever. You guys can play with your map and your bears, me and my son are getting the fuck out of here.

Shannon: Boone. It's nice that you and crazy man are off in the jungle all day, but could you, y'know, be more helpful?
Boone: What?
Shannon: Like, go help Michael build a raft.
Boone: Raft?
Shannon: You know, help him because you're not bringing us meat...
Boone: I got your meat right here bitch. Get out of my way.

I wish I could express the sheer feeling of "Apocalypse Now" I got watching the whole encounter with Locke, Michael and Boone in the jungle. I was expecting Boone to be all "The man has expanded my MIND!" I may start calling Locke Kurtz from all now...
So even though i've never actually watched an episode, i'm getting slightly addicted to the show just by reading your journal...MAN. Maybe i should tune in before it gets too far into the season adn i have no fucking clue what is going on.

If i do decide to watch, could you give me a nice synopsis of the goings on, or is it too much?
My friend Sarah gave me a copy of the first 11 episodes if you want to borrow them :)

Also, cleolinda has some pretty funny recaps and this is a great site with pictures.

Join the lost party! It's fun!
yeah, boone is totally locke's bitch now. Even the cinematography screams it. Locke sitting there talking with michael or walt and Boone just lounging in the background....

Locke's probably expanded more than just his mind.

I can't believe I just said that.
Ooh, Locke as Kurtz. That's a parallel I can get behind.

Charlie struggling not to read the diary was priceless. ("I know, I'm scum.") I just spent most of yesterday watching Firefly, so I got a very Jayne vibe off Sawyer when he was pretending to read Claire's diary - "Today I was kidnapped by hill people; it was the best day ever."

Was Claire definitely not pregnant anymore at the end? I rewound that scene a couple of times and couldn't tell for sure, but my TV is kinda fuzzy.

There's just something so Kurtz-esque about Locke. If he spends any more time out in the jungle he's really going to lose it.

As for Claire - my first reaction was she wasn't pregnant. It's hard to tell with the shadows so I really don't know...

NExt episode is a charlie episode! $10 says we get to watch him have his heart handed to him in itty bitty peices by some evil chick in his flash backs.