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The main connecting theme of Lost seems to revolve around family issues and family dynamics. The following are my observations and guesses about some of the characters.

Kate: I’m saying hardcore daddy issues. Think about her relationship with the old farmer. I think she looked to him like a father. Think about her personality – very tomboyish. I’m guessing she was the only child or only girl in her family, and I have a feeling her family consisted of just her and her father. Think of all she went through just to get the toy airplane from the safety deposit back. I am certain that ties her with her father. Also “I killed the man I loved!” I don’t think the man she loved was a boyfriend/husband thing. I think it was her father. Now – a brother could also be substituted for father as well, but I really think it’s her father. Look at how Kate interacts with Sawyer and Jack. I think she’s leaning towards Jack as a father figure. The steamy chemistry is not between her and Jack, but between her and Sawyer. She cares for Jack because Jack is a strong leader who is also compassionate. She looks to Jack for answers (see: “We have a problem.” “We have a problem, or YOU have a problem?”)

Jack: DUH. We all know about Jack and his father. I don’t need to go on with this.

Sawyer: This is all tied up in his family. He said that a confidence man came and tore his family apart. He then became the man who destroys family. I think he has a lot of guilt about that and I think deep down he wants the family that he lost.

Charlie: Family issues ABOUND with Charlie – and I can’t wait until we see more of his back story IN TWO WEEKS. Gah. But anyways. Charlie and his brother. You can tell that Charlie did look up to his older brother, and so it really hurt him when his brother got swept up in the scene and forgot not just about the music, but he forgot about Charlie. In my own little world, I see Charlie as being the tag along brother to his older and cooler brother. Then his brother noticed that Charlie had a real gift for music, and they started getting along, Charlie became important to his brother. Then poof – drugs and the scene and Charlie is just the little, unimportant brother. And then he turns to drugs. Later, the Brother ends up all clean with a house and a family and looking all emoish. He’s all “I can help you, Charlie.” Yeah, okay big brother, I think you’ve done ENOUGH. I think Charlie is looking for that family again, that connection that he’s always been looking for and was lost.

Michael/Walt: All I have to say is that Michael is the most awesome man in the world. For proof of this, watch his first meeting with Walt when he was all “It’s not Brian’s choice, it’s mine.” He didn’t want to take away Walt’s only father that he knew. My god, that took a lot. We also know that there’s some back story with Michael’s father. It was the reaction that Susan gave when she was all “Walt…so you want to name him after your father?” And really, Michael LOVED being a father. I think he loved Walt more than Susan could ever know. He was so proud of being a dad, so concerned about his son. IT makes you wonder what kind of influence his own father was to him.

Boone/Shannon: Let’s move away from the step-sibling love affair for a bit, shall we? Let’s focus on what we know about their family. Boone’s mom and Shannon’s dad got married when they were young. Shannon’s dad died at some point and Boone’s mom, the fabulous wedding planner that she is, took all of the money and didn’t give Shannon anything. I have a feeling that Shannon and the mom don’t get along. I wonder how long ago the dad died. People have been talking that Shannon got Boone to buy off her boyfriends intentionally the whole time. Did she? I thought this was the first time she was part of the deal. But anyways – I wonder what that family was like. Boone always protected Shannon, but I wonder if he did that because he loved her first, or protected her first and then grew to love her? I have a feeling that Shannon is used to being told by men that she is nothing but a pretty face, and that’s all she knows and that’s what she uses. This is why Sayid will be good for her. But now I’m rambling. As for Boone…man. I don’t know. I think Shannon’s dad was not a very strong role model for him and I think that for most of his life he’s been very lost and very confused about where he fits in. He drops his mom’s name so many times I think he feels like he has no identity except for his mother.

Locke: We don’t know ANYTHING about his family, but there’s something about him that says he grew up a mama’s boy. That’s not a negative thing, I’m not saying he was all girly and stuff, but I think his primary influence was his mother. I can’t tell you how I know this, but it just seems right. From what we do know is that he lives alone and has developed a relationship with a phone sex operator (or party girl, or whatever) but it gets to a point where it creeps the lady out. You can tell she cares for him, but you can also tell that she has to draw the line somewhere. I wonder if we’ll ever find out more about

As for Sayid, Claire, and Sun/Jin, I need to re-watch their episodes before I can really say anything for sure about them. But Sun/Jin have the father issue with them and it’s clear that Claire has family issues too. I have no clue about Sayid. Any guess from you folks?
Sun/Jin is all about the Father. If Sun's father hadn't been in the picture Jin would still be a nice guy. Which I hope he's getting back to. Hope hope hope. But I think he's going to die leaving it open for Sun/HillMicheal.
I don't think JIn is going to die but it is clear that Sun/Micheal have this thing going on. My question is why did she go to Micheal of all people?
Remember he had her father's watch and Jin attacked him and she felt that she had to explain it to him so that Jin would be unhandcuffed and stuff?
There was a comment in "Raised by Another" about Claire's mother having basically disowned her for dating the bastardly artist guy. And of course you have Claire deciding not to give her baby up for adoption, which I guess could be related to issues with her own mother in addition to all the crazy stuff with the psychic.

Sayid... I know there was a mention of his mother/family in "Solitary," when he's talking to Nadia in the flashbacks. I don't recall it being anything particularly angst-ridden though, just a casual reference. Of course, I probably just wasn't paying enough attention and it'll turn out to be supremely important. Must rewatch!