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Now I have his cookbook, which is almost as good, but not quite.

I arrived at Barnes and Nobel at around 6:30ish. I bough Alton's old book ("I'm just here for the food") and his new book ("I'm just here for more food") plus a calendar page that represented my place in line. My date? July 19th.

For about a half hour I milled around and ended up buying two more books to keep me occupied during the wait ("Something Rotten" and "The Three Miss Margarets"). I had tried to find a place to sit to listen to him talk, but the rows were 8 person thick so there was no chance. I did listen to him talk about his book and his show and answer some questions from the audience. Alton is HILARIOUS. He knows how to work a crowd and how to tell a story. He talked about Iron Chef America. When they approached him to do the show, they asked if he would like to be an announcer or a chairman. He said he asked for the announcer because it sounded more fun and he would get to talk. Plus - he didn't have any of the nifty martial arts background that they were looking for.

He also said that sometimes when all of the chefs are together for tapings in New York, afterwards, in one huge posse, they drop in unannounced to some restaurant and basically make the chef's life a living hell for one night.

Anyways - after the q&a, the signing started. Alton said he would stay for as long as it took. He talked with everybody who had a book, posed for pictures, talked to people on phones and had his voice recorded. Alton is AMAZING. Soon (well, not very soon. It was at least 2 hours until my day was called) I went up with my books and my camera and a sign I made. Alton shook my hand, I introduced him self and the first thing he said was "What possesed you to wake up one morning and say 'gee, I want to pierce my tongue?' What was it? 'Hmm, here's a large fleshy muscle - I'm going to shove a metal rod through it!' Really, what possesed you?" I was laughing to hard to answer - mainly because that's excatly what my mother asked me when I told her about it. He then signed the books and posed for a picture. I congratulated him on making it into a webcomic and he looked a little...out of it. Of course, he had just been signing books for 2 hours.

So multiclassgeek, here is a picture of me an Alton and a picture of your personally signed book. I will mail it as soon as I can and I am patiently waiting for my absinthe :)

Wow. ...that's the bees knees Meg.

Way to go
I didn't babble like a moron like I normally do when meeting famous people, but he really made me feel like a dolt for getting my tongue pierced :-P
well. . .the older I get, the odds are I'm usually the one person in the place without any sort of piercing.
I enjoy my piercing and it's probably the only one I'll ever have.

Now the older I get, the odds of me getting a tattoo diminish greatly...
Fine, the second I leave Minneapolis, cool people start showing up in accessible places. My favorite singer (an Australian who doesn't tour in the US much) was there a week after I left!
awww! I'm sorry! Who's the aussie singer, by the way?
Sweet! And by the way, "Something Rotten" is an awesome book!
I can't wait to start reading it :) I now have all of his books - I'm such a junkie!
hehehe, meeeeeeee too
I want to work for Jurisfiction...

Did you tell him you're being much nicer than your friend who verbally assualted Bobby Flay?
No - but I did tell that story to the lady who was in line infront of me. She's going to Le Cordon Bleu here in the cities and she told me how much he HATES him. So I told her your story :)

Oh - behind the podium was a poster for Iron Chef America, and someone had drawn a moustashe on Bobby Flay...hmmmmmmmm....
Lol. NO ONE likes Bobby Flay. You should have asked Alton if the other chefs are mean to him too.
I was going to ask him about it when I saw the poster - but the first thing he did was make fun of me for my tongue stud and I was laughing out of embarassment too much to say anything coherant except congradulate him for a being a champion of geek culture. To which, I think, he took a bit as an offense...
speak for yourself, dude. I *love* Bobby Flay.
That is honestly the first time I've ever heard ANYONE say that. When he showed up at the MOA here this summer, he was booed and jeered big time.
From what I understand, the cooking students don't respect him because he really doesn't COOK anymore (outside of Iron Chef). He can make a very presentable peice, but he himself just doesn't cook anymore. And in the cooking world, that's just lame.
Watch his grilling show sometime, the man clearly can cook with fire, making him clearly one to watch.
Forget Iron Chef America... I want a Food Network reality show about their trips to restaurants after tapings. :D

He said that when they go the calmly listen to a very frightened waiter tell them what the specials are...then order off the menue

"Hmm...I think I'd like an omlet with some straberry frappe..."

They are so mean. I love it :-D
You are a true foodie now :P
Hahahahah - Alton is totaly becoming a fandom :-D