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Squids happen to be my favorite animal. Did you know they can think themselves invisible? Also, Octopuses happen to be one of the smartest animals out there. No, really, it’s true
I had a productive weekend even though most of my plans had been canceled. I wish I had braved the snow on Friday night and stood in line with Timmy for tickets to go see the Scissor Sisters, but after driving in the crap for my Dr. appt and not having anything to eat, I just wanted to go home and vegetate. However, I didn’t vegetate. I rearranged my bedroom and started to clean up more. On Saturday after Mike came to help me put the blinds back up I did even MORE cleaning. I swept the floors, swiffered them, mopped them. I dusted every flat surface that I could. On Sunday I did laundry and went to target, spending more money than I should have. Overall, I felt very in control this weekend, which was something that I really needed.

My favorite method of killing slugs is to put out a little pie tin of beer in your garden. The slugs then drink the beer, get horribly sloshed, hit on their best friend’s girl, attempt to drive home and get into a horrible car crash. Slugs don’t know about designated drivers.
I can’t wait to start cooking dinners using Alton’s cook book. Tonight I’m going to sit down and plan out this week’s menu. I find that I stay on the beach a lot better when I plan ahead. Now with a cook book that tells me of the wonderful science behind what I’m doing, I know I’m going to cook more.

My name, Margaret, means “pearl” in Greek. A pearl is an annoyance that became beautiful. I got the annoyance part down solid
I’ve signed up to take another class at the loft with Lyda Morehouse. I did enjoy the class I took with her last fall/winter, so I decided to take it again. The only problem is that a lot of the people from the old class are going to be there – the ones who are REALLY snobby about the whole thing. Gah. Hopefully this will help me start writing again. I want to finish the Bugg story and I have two new characters to add to that (George, the apprentice mole catcher and Francis, his father the bounty hunter/pastry chef). Also, since Nick isn’t going to do anything with it, I’m taking over the Suicide Therapy story. I Think I have a pretty good idea of how to turn it into a nice short. Anyways – the class starts in a week. I better get my fingers typing if I want stories to be work shopped.

Onetime when we were in Monterey there was a low low tide. It pulled far back and lined the beaches with poor chitons who were then eaten alive by seagulls. It looked like that scene from “Gone With the Wind” if the people of Georgia had been cannibals.
Got a lot to look forward to right now. Kings game on Sunday, writing class starts next Tuesday, my vacation is on the 11th, things are looking up for a very promising year. Oh – and Jan. 31st is in a week. Keep your fingers crossed.
*crosses fingers and some of the toes that aren't broken*

Good luck!
you have broken toes!??!
well, they're probably not really broken, but they're bruised and they hurt. I have to learn to be more careful at taekwondo!

In other news, I'm lazy on the LIAF today, so I did a one-off :D

I was about to type out the address, but I think you should know it :-P
A pearl is an annoyance that became beautiful

That's how I like to discribe myself.
How do you interpret your weekend through shellfish?

That is so wonderfully weird! Marry me? :-)