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whiptcracker wants me to rant about Minneapolis:

You know that kid in high school who thought they were really cool and hung out with all the other cool kids but those kids laughed at him/her? Yeah, Minneapolis is kinda like that. Or that chick from Beverly Hills 90210 who was really smart and wanted to be all cool and savvy and rich as her buddies but had to take the bus to school every day. That’s what Minneapolis is. Deep down it knows that it’s just a Midwestern town, but it really doesn’t want to be one. It wants to be like Chicago or New York. It wants culture and it wants that “yo – I’m a bad ass town, you steppin’ with me?” attitude, but it just doesn’t have it? Why? Because it’s so damn passive aggressive. Minneapolis doesn’t even have a ghetto because we’re too polite to have a ghetto. Even our crack shacks are too pretty to be considered dangerous. We’re a haven for white emo kids and hipsters who are too scared to move to a big city, but to cool to live in the suburbs. Why can’t Minneapolis take a look at St. Paul and figure out what a real Midwest city should be like. Honestly.
Minneapolis definitely has sort of a deeply rooted self esteem problem that it tries to hide, I agree 100%..
I don't know if you're being serious or not, but that's pretty much how I feel about Minneapolis:-)