kubryk wants me to rant about Hardcore pornography in lieu of Saturday Morning Cartoons:

There comes a time in every child’s life where they need to learn about the birds and the bees. That time is Saturday mornings. For years and years we’ve been force feeding our children saccharine coated cartoons with no moral or redeeming value and no life lesson. Sure, you can bitch all you want about how pokemon teaches friendship and strategy but you know what? The Smurfs taught communism. Yeah, like THAT’S a wholesome value we should be teaching our children. Instead, we should be showing them something that’s educational. My vote? Hardcore Pornography. I mean, sex-ed is no longer taught in schools, so we might as well bring it to the home and give children free access to it. Think of all they’ll learn about technique, position, condom usage, and why you should never have sex in a hottub. Also, we complain so much about parents not spending enough time watching the programs their kids are watching. If we put hardcore pornography on Saturday mornings, I can guarantee that we’ll have parents watching with their kids. Then it could lead to insightful discussions such as ethics behind pornography, whether it degrades women and objectifies men, and should Ron Jeremy ever be seen naked? Think about it – the futre of our children is at stake.