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alexlucard wants me to rant about mittens.

I fucking like to wiggle my fingers and I fucking like to be able to hold a pencil while still keeping my fingers warm and toasty. And who came up with the idea of smoking mittens? I mean honestly, if smokers want to kill their lungs and the lungs of those surrounding them, they can just have their fingers fucking freeze. Also – NOTHING gets lost easier than a mitten. Do you ever hear about people losing gloves? Do you ever read children’s stories about the missing glove? HELL FUCKING NO!! Why? Because you don’t lose gloves, you can HOLD ONTO gloves. Mittens are like socks – they end up getting sucked into a black hole and you’re left with only one. ONE MITTEN! The most useless thing in the world. Oh – and do you know where all these goddamn motherfucking mittens come from? THOSE DUMBASS NEO-KNITTERS! THAT’S WHERE!
Hahaha...Damn those neo-knitters!
I lost my glove. and i'm pissed. But I have both mittens.
Actually one of the staff members here regularly loses her left glove. Like three times a week. It's crazy.
Do you ever hear about people losing gloves?

I've lost gloves. More than once, actually. =)