captainhandsome would like me to rant about the Sacramento Kings.

This subject is near and dear to me. But there's not much I can say, really. Except Kings...please. You've trampled on my heart like the academy stomped on Michael Moore's dream. You're like an abusive boyfriend that I know I should leave but can't. Our relationship is like a really bad cliche that emo kids use to try and sound deep and meaningful when all they sound like is a little whiny bitchass punk. But really - I'm not asking for much here. I'd like you to play like you did 4 years ago. Do you remember that? Do you remember coming out of nowhere, being the team to watch? Do you remember the energy and the passion you had? Do you remember those nights we spent together? I do - and every year I think about it, and I think of how things used to be. Can we have that back? Can we have that spark, that emotion? I...I miss you Kings. Please, please baby, let's work this out.