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lytledebbi would like me to vent my spleen about people who won't speed up on on-ramps to the highway.

I'm a pretty lucky girl and don't drive to work most days. Instead, I carpool with my friend Mike. We like to say we're saving the environment four days out of five. Anyways, I am in no way envious of Mike for driving through rush hour traffic, especially in this state where people, for some unknown reason, possibly because of Minnesota nice or maybe passive agressiveness, but what ever it is, they feel that they need to SLOW DOWN when getting on the highway. WHAT THE HELL?!?! Who the fuck taught these people how to drive? You don't slow down on the on ramps, you accelerate because you are bringing yourself into the flow of traffic. If you slow down you're only making yourself a hazard. Why? Why are you slowing down? What are you afraid of? You have the right of way and those other cars need to move the fuck over! Be confidant in your driving you godforsaken dumbass drivers! THE HIGHWAY IS NOT A SCARY THING! AND IF YOU THINK IT IS YOU NEED TO GET OFF THE FUCKING HIGHWAY AND NEVER GET BEHIND THE WHEEL OF A CAR! DRIVING IS NOT FOR THE WEAK OF HEART! DRIVING IS FOR THE BRAVE! BEHOLD MY CAPSLOCK OF ANGST!
Nice. I feel better:)