In a very special episode of 15% prettier,gygaxis would like me to rant about politics.

*sigh* Leave it to gyg to pick such a touchy subject. I love you Gyggie. So much. Anyways - I'll be straight with all of you. I really, really, REALLY hate politics. I've always hated politics. And I'm not just talking about National Politics, but local, small group, anything. I just hate it. All it is are people demanding that they are right, and you are wrong. No, really, that's what each side is arguing. Both are trying to do it with "best interests" intended. What this means is that even the people you hate are against you for your best interests. For proof of this, go over and read the truths about conservatives and liberals(Thanks, Tiff, for the link. Kisses!). In the end, everybody just wants to be validated by their person wining, thus proving that they are right and you are wrong. And there is NO escaping it. If we were to go to anarchy all it would be is the strong taking over the weak and bitch slapping them into obedience (special thanks goes to this strip of Something Positive to illustrate my point). In the end, it's something I have to deal with. But what really sucks is that those sterotypes that are mentioned in the article I posted - yeah, I know them. I'm friends with them. And sometimes if feels that I'm stuck in the middle of fighting parents. Jon Stewart once told the folks at CrossFire that they are hurting America. Well, I think name calling party obsessed political mogals are hurting America. And what's scary is that they both have MY best interests in mind. *sigh*