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abject_endism would like me to take this time and rant about something that I'm sure is very special to him. Herbal supplements for penis and breast growth.

I had a roommate once who actually called that herbal breast growth number. The girl is flat as a plank and she called them to see if they would help her. They said it would take a year to maybe grow a cup size. Maybe. "A YEAR!??!" she cried out "I NEED MY BOOBS NOW!!" I don't have big boobs, I don't have small boobs. I have, what my friend Joshie has dubbed, "non-threatening boobs" meaning that they are not gianourmous wrinkly masses of tissue that want to take over small japanese villages. The thing is, even though I'm not HAPPY with my medium, unattractive bosom, I don't really want to change that. So I REALLY don't want spam email telling me how naturally I could grow my boobs. Look spammers, if I REALLY wanted to naturally increase my chest size, I'd get pregnant and have a baby. Not gonna happen. As for the penis spam...do you guys REALLY HONESTLY believe that? Do you believe it's going to get bigger? If you do - you deserve whatever funky herbal side effects you get.
Too bad your ex-roomie was so insecure about her size. As a fashion designer, I find that smaller chests give me more design options and I find the look aesthetically pleasing.
You're just fine in the bosom department. Honest.

Besides, it's not the size that counts...

What the hell? I thought it was women who were supposed to say that!