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flewellyn would like me to spend some of my time discussing Ashlee Simpson. I suspect an infatuation.

Hey, Ashlee?

Now be a dear and close your mouth. Then put duct tape over it. And have a big scary guy wrap you up in chicken wire and dump you in the river.
Please. Do it for the puppies.

Though really, you let her off too easily.

Infatuation? Me? I'm disgusted that I even know who she is.

Now, this gal named Meg Bridge...that's a different story. :-P
YOu lose about a billion points for calling me "Meg Bridge." It's probably my biggest pet peeve. If someone is going to be formal enough to use my last name, they should use my proper first name as well. GAH!
Aw, geez. I hate it when I run afoul of rules I was never informed of.

Margaret Bridge, then?