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purplesquirrel needs some validation that yoga pants are from Satan.

I hate pants. That is to say, I love them when they fit, but most of the time they don’t. And most styles of pants look horrible on me. A good example of crappy looking pants would be yoga pants. And the thing is they’ve become so popular as of late. People wear them in the hopes that someone will be all “hey, that chick is wearing yoga pants. That means she MUST be flexible and can bend 20 different ways come Tuesday.” It’s like the neo-knitters – they’re only doing it for a reaction. Yoga Pants say “I’m in touch with my inner self and I can bend my body like a pretzel, a fact that will come in handy during steamy sex.” The thing is, though, most of these people wear their yoga pants while they sit at home, watching crappy day time television and the most bending they ever do is when they reach over to the bag of potato chips. Gah!
And it cheapens those of us who do actually do yoga. (there are a lot of these rant things....)
This was done as part of a meme - I'm trying to lump them all into lj cut posts. People want me to rant about a lot of things too...
Ahhh. That's good then right?
I don't know, actually. They either want someone to bitch about stuff they want to bitch about but don't have the energy to put behind it, or my other posts were getting too boring and they wanted some angsty anger to fill up their flist.
I try to do a good rant once a month or so but I have to say they usually flop. This months vegan rant went over really well though. You never know how people will react.
Most of the rants that I wrote for this meme were actually me just being creative and/or flat out lying. The ones that were real rants were the ones on politics, anti-depressants, drivers, and oral sex. The rest were just me spouting off.

I was thinking of making a blog soley called "Meg's Blog of Hate" but that seems like too much work.
Well done! That rant went in a direction that I didn't expect. I was thinking along the lines of the marketers who label pants "yoga pants" and those who think that they need said pants to do yoga. Them swamis in India wear rags, ferchrissakes. They don't need special yoga clothing to reach enlightenment.
Yes, but do you think most of the people who buy yoga pants are seeking enlightnment?
No, they're fashion victims. It's like those people who get all dressed up and put on makeup to work out in the gym. They're there to be seen, not to improve themselves.
Don't you just love our society? :)