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demonakitty needs a little angst sent her way regarding anti-depressants.

I have issues with anti-depressants. Not that they exist, but the fact that so many people use them and use them for the wrong reasons. We are a culture that believes that you shouldn’t feel anything but happy. Because of that, if you’re feeling remotely sad, we have a magical happy pill that will make that all go away. Unfortunetly, that’s a fucking load of crap. All anti-depressants will do is treat the symptoms of a bigger disease. They’ll make it so it doesn’t hurt as much but the thing is, if you stop using those pills, it’ll come back. Why? Because depression can’t just be fixed with meds. Depression is something that you have to take by the balls and deal with. Is it easy? FUCK NO. Is it fun? ARE YOU KIDDING!?! But the point is – so many people end up getting prescribed these meds but don’t have the therapy behind it. All they are doing is becoming addicted to drugs that do really fucked up things to their body. They become dependant on them but they WONT FIND THE CAUSE OF THEIR DEPRESSION. I just hate, hate, hatehatehateHATE how we’ve become a society that doesn’t want to deal with the issues, we just want a quick fix. But that’s not what anti-depressants were meant to do. That’s not what they should be used for. They are to help people focus so they can talk about their issues, find the root of their depression and work so it’ll be better. Bottom line: If you or anybody you know is taking anti-depressants but are not following that up with AT LEAST weekly therapy sessions centered ON YOU and NOT ON OTHER PEOPLE you might as well just be kicking yourself in the gonads.

donovan_love brings up a matter that I am sure is sensitive to us all. Bad oral sex. Mom, you may want to stop reading this NOW.

There is no GOOD way of telling someone that they suck at oral sex (hah). It’s even worse if the person is all “I am THE MASTER of oral sex. Fear my mad skills). Hubris is a dangerous, dangerous thing (just look at Caesar). So really, people who are bad at oral sex are jackasses for 2 reasons. 1) They just wasted your time and theirs. While they are busy gnawing on your nasties, you have to either act like you give a damn or come up with a really good excuse why you weren’t all that into it. This leads to 2) you can’t tell them how bad they were because oral sex is considered a nice thing to do. IT’s that age old questions, what’s worse? Getting bad oral sex or not getting oral sex at all? So instead of enjoying what would be a nice, hot, erotic experience between two people (or more if you’re into that kind of thing) you end up feeling guilty and bad and unsatisfied. If you have a feeling you might be bad at oral sex, do yourself, and your partner(s) a favor: either figure out how to do it better (porn will not tell you this. Guys, that head shake thing is SO a porn move) or don’t do it all. Also – if you have EVER EVER EVER said that you are the best at oral sex and you meant it odds are that you really, really suck.

amaresu brings up a good point about non-smoking sections having the crappy seating.

Fuck you mother fucking Vera’s for having this kick ass smoking section that’s all secluded and private with couches and tables and all the games. Your non smoking section is so damn lame and your smoking section is where EVERYBODY hangs out. This isn’t fair. Yes – I want my clothes to smell like an ash tray. Yes – I want second hand smoke. YES – I WANT TO BE COOL LIKE EVERYBODY ELSE! And pandora’s…the whole of the upstairs is smoking AND THAT KICKS FUCKING ASS! THE UPSTAIRS RULES! Why? Why do you do this? Why do you give the smokers the cool places to sit and the non-smokers the lame places? Are you synced up with Big Tobacco to help get kids to smoke? All smokers should have to smoke OUTSIDE! IN THE COLD! AND AWAY FROM ME!

Really - I'm almost done with these rants. Cross my heart!
So how's the not smoking thing going for you?
yeah, pretty good actually. No real cravings as long as I don't think about it.

And my hate filled rant is really just a cover :)
Ah, I see. You closet smoker wannabe you!
actually no - haven't had a smoke in over a week! (yay!)
Ahahahahahah I HATE bad oral
OH MY GOD that bad oral rant is EXACTLY how i feel. Crazy. Good thing you are the queen of the ranters:)
OMFG I r teh 1337 /v\4$73r 0f teh 0r41 $3xxx!!!!!111oneoneone

yeah - that line right there made me die a litte inside.
I love you Meggerz...