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Thanks to pepsi - I just got a free song from iTunes

What song should I buy?
'bye bye bye' by 'N Sync
baby got back!
ooo - i bought my powerball tix .... come on lucky 15!
I'll by my power ball tix on the way home tonight :)

$5 worth, right?
oh baby - i took 5
sweet. I'm putting my money down tonight!
One Last Goodbye - Anathema
No song that I have in my collection. Just ask for a list! You can even copy 'em from my box, if you like. Just email me (it's in my profile) for details, if'n you want.

Many are the songs I don't have, though. So, umm...REM's "Losing My Religion"?
Technically, you did not win the song like you thought you did. You are exempt under the contract printed for Pepsi, because you are friends with a pepsi worker, and as the contract states, any friend, friend's friend, friend's friend's friend, and so on to x=100, you cannot win. Who is this bastard pepsi worker, you might ask? Me. I am the man who not only supplies you with liquid acidic refreshment, not only fixes your refreshment dispensing shit(in either the mechanical or the CO2 form), NOT ONLY provides you with said contest, but then rubs it in your face that, in fact, no one can win and Pepsi has been lying to everyone in the world since it started lying to everyone in the world. Of course, I am assuming here that I am the only pepsi worker you know. You could know another. Or know another person who is a friend of a pepsi worker, and that would put you in checkmate again. So no matter how many ways you cut it, you can't win. What you are cutting is up for debate. I prefer liquid things. It's fun to cut liquid things, but that's an opinion. That is not up for debate, because as we all know, it is not a valid argument to debate with an opinion because 1) an opinion is biased and 2) an opinion may be wrong. Not to say that "knowledge" or "intelligence" as we know it is right, but it's the most correct version of what we think we know. but obviously we can only go off of what we know, and if we define what we know as wrong, and we know nothing, we can do nothing, meaning that we should all kill ourselves now. However, that in itself is not right because it is a "logical" conclusion based on faulty knowledge. Therefore, we must all vegetate in a state of limbo forever.
ow - you hurt my brain.
That was written at 6 in the morning by a very tired, but not drunk me who had just been talking with Al for a while about many various things. If I ever decide to become a philosopher, I'm doing all my work past 2 AM and depriving myself of sleep. I get very smart...or at least philosophical when really tired.