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I had a packed weekend which was really nice considering my past few weekends have been spent either curled up praying to die or cleaning like a mad woman. So hanging out with friends was a much needed break.

On Friday, Brian and Kelly came over and we went to the Old China Buffet where we ended up staying there and laughing at really bad jokes and silly things for about 2 hours. Things that came out of that discussion were how special Santa is, how girls watching gay porn helps guys watching lesbian porn, and how great it would have been to grown up in britian during the monty python era.

After dinner we came back to my place and watched “Cannibal, the Musical” which I had picked up back when Pearl was still in town. For the whole weekend, “my heart’s as big as a baked potataaaaaaa” was stuck in my head. In fact, it’s STILL stuck in my head and I don’t see it getting out anytime soon. Brian and I played some Mario Kart after I showed them Pikmin. Both Kelly and I had dreams of the little plants that night.

On Saturday Brian and Kelly came over again and we went down to the tower for Mike’s birthday throwdown. It was VERY successful and a real good time. Afterwards, B,K, and I went over to get tickets for people for the midnight showing of The Goonies, then went to Zeno’s for some delicious dessert. We met up with Adam, Kaela, Matt and Steph close to 12 at the UpTown and enjoyed the movie. It was a happy trip down memory lane for me – so many Saturday afternoons watching that on TBS. And a very young Sean Astin. It’s such a shame he’s married. He’s like, only 10 years older than me!

Sunday I took Mike to the Wolves/Kings game for his birthday. It was a decent game in the sense that the Kings won, but it was like I couldn’t really enjoy it all that much because nobody was really playing that well (except for Brad Miller who was the only player for the Kings who managed to sink his free throws. Shame on you Mike Bibby! Aww, I can’t stay mad at you! Come over here and let me have your babies). It was interesting to note how well the kings played without Webber or Peja.

After the game we went over to Chevy’s for dinner. This is where things got interesting.

alexlucard had a chevy’s incident when he went to get his birthday sombrero back in August, and when Mike and I went to dinner there, that reminded me of it. So I told Mike that he could get a free sombrero for his birthday.
Mike: I don’t want a sombrero
Me: Yes you do.
Mike: No, I don’t. Besides, where would I wear it?
Me: Where WOULDN’T you wear it?
Mike: Where would you wear it?
Me: I’d wear it around the house! It would be the only thing I wore as I watched the Simpsons!
Mike: I’d ask for the sombrero if it came with chips.
Me: Maybe it would.
Mike: You just want the sombrero, don’t you?
Me: Yes, yes I do.
Mike: I’ll give it to you for a 100% mark up
Me: 100% mark up on free?
Mike: Careful, you just brought it up to 200%. Don’t fuck with me, I have the power
Me: But you don’t have a sombrero.
Mike: Okay, if you pay for dinner, I’ll give you the sombrero. Plus, I’ll even wear it on the bus ride home.

So our server came, we asked for the sombrero, he said sure and he’d get it for us. Then he came back and told us they were OUT of sombreros. They said they had been out of sombreros since December. So, remembering back to Alex, I asked if they had any piñatas. And no, they were all out of piñatas. They said they didn’t have anything to give us. I pouted, Mike looked victorious (now he didn’t have to wear a sombrero on the bus).

They had given us a little comment card with the bill, so on it I wrote the following:
You need more sombreros. I am very sad that my friend was denied his birthday sombrero and thus, in turn, I was denied seeing my friend wear said sombrero on the bus ride home. Tonight I shall cry myself to sleep.

I then left them my gmail address, so maybe I’ll hear something back from them.

OVer all, a kick ass weekend! Hooray!
What a shpedoinkel weekend!
Sean Astin is the king of inspirational lines in any movie his is in! THE KING, I TELL YA!!!! Well, ok, in 50 First Dates, I could have bent him over my knee for being so dumb, but other than that....
"The sky is blue, and all the leaves are green.
My heart's as big as a baked potatah.
I think you know exactly what I mean,
when I say it's a schpedoinkal day!"

I've been singing that ALL day! I think my residents think know I'm nuts.
That sounds like a schpadoinkle time!
You forgot to mention how you thought our waiter at Chevy's was cute. I said he looked like Guil.
I did think he was cute, but that is not to say I think Guil is cute.
Hey, what are you doing this up and coming saturday night? Sunday (feb 6th) is my 21st birthday, and saturday the 5th is natalie's. We are going out saturday night (so that by midnight i can drink legally man!) and i would love love love if you were available to join in:) Natalie reallllllly wants to start out at chino latinos, so i think we are headed there around 10...i'll let you know more if you can come!