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Leonardo DiCaprio is thirty years old.


I don't know why this boggles my mind, but it does.

He's Thirty. 3-0.

I don't even LIKE Leo all that much. He was alright in Romeo and Juliette (which I enjoyed. Everybody who hated it are elitist purists. It was well done) and I didn't like Titanic and I haven't seen The Aviator. But still.


All of a sudden I feel old. Not OLD old, but just...not young. Like that moment when you realize you're not a child or something, you know, when you stopped playing with imaginary friends.

I can't understand this. Leo is 30.
Aviator is bad film.
You're the only person I've ever heard say that.

But wait 'til I see it before we debate about it.

Does anybody else find it strange that he's THIRTY and they're calling this his first real "grownup" role?
No, not really. I think it's disturbing that he's taken this long to have a grownup role.
AND ... AND! he got a life-time achievment award.
I liked him when he was on Growing Pains, but I never really got into him after that.... He's too pretty-boy.
Oh, I agree - I'm not a big Leo fan. Pretty boys don't do it for me (Brad use to be pretty, and then he became hardcore. And then he got THE LINE. And now he's steamy hot.)
I think it's sort of strange for me. I didn't watch TV as a kid. So I don't have that refrence that most people do that makes them feel old. Or at least like not a kid. I'm always looking at the people I work with. I'm usually the youngest person in the room by 10 years, often by 20. And I'm only finally getting to the point where I'm not the youngest of my friends by significant chunks. I graduated college early, I'm tall, and I learn fast, between those, no one ever comes close to guessing my age. I'm only 23, most people wouldn't put me under 27. Which I appreciate.
And see - I'm just so used to being the youngest. I'm the youngest in my family and for the most part I was the youngest in my class. People think I look younger than I am and it's not something I really am annoyed by. Perhaps I do act younger than my 23 years, but then how is a 23 year old SUPPOSED to act?

For me, what's REALLY confusing, is why is it LEO who makes me go "30!?!?" when Johnny Depp is older than him, Sean Astin is like, 32 or something. But Leo...Leo just can't be 30.
I think we identify (good bad or otherwise) with someone and they are supposed to stay that same age. I have a really hard time grasping that my aunt is turning 40. She's hardly 30 in my head. So when you hear that person is growing up (be it a relative or celeb) it's hard to wrap your brain around.
I don't even LIKE Leo, but it's all like "Damn, he's getting a lifetime achievement award at 30 and I...I am a glorified secretary. Damn I have to get my act in gear!"
That I get. Brittney is world renouned for getting a boob job and I spend how many hours doing good work for the community blah?? Fucking world needs a brain transplant.