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  1. My wrist hurts. A LOT. I don’t know what’s wrong with it either. The symptoms are not those of carpal tunnel (or at least not the ones listed). It feels like I need to pop the joint or something. It hurts to flex my wrist. This isn’t good and it probably means I should go see the doctor. But this has happened to me before (I remember it being sore the weekend of 4th of July) and has always gone away. It worries me.

  2. So the Thursday Next series that I finished last night…this was recommended to my by kaela and I recommend it to everybody out there. It’s hard to explain but Kaela did a good job in saying that it’s an English Major’s wet dream. It has time travel, alternate history, mystery, British literature, science fiction, fantasy…it has EVERYTHING…yet I found it listed under “literature” in the book stores. Obviously when you have a huge hodgepodge of genres, British Literature trumps them all. But anyways – go and pick it up. It’s by Jasper Fforde and by all means is worth it. I would try to explain the plot, but after knowing what I know, I would just give it all away.

  3. My vacation is in 8 days. You have no idea how happy this makes me. My Februaries have a long and glorious history of sucking balls (with the exception of last year in which nothing bad happened to me, but the world came crashing down on most of my friends). For being the shortest month in the year, it sure does seem to drag on. The less time I spend dwelling on it the better, so a vacation sounds like the best thing for me. 1 week spent in pure relaxation.

  4. But speaking of February, according to my horoscope, this is supposed to be a really kick ass month. Also I have picked the perfect week to travel. This makes me happy.

  5. I have a really great idea for a story. This is a story I would love to read and want to read. The problem is that I don’t know how to go about writing it. This idea has been floating around in my head since the summer when it was supposed to be a collaboration. Now it’s morphed into a detective story and a social commentary. I have all the components neatly outlined in my head. I have the conflict, I have the twist, I have the protagonist, but I don’t have the antagonist. Perhaps I need to outline this like I would a movie (which was the original idea). Who knows, but it’s driving me nuts.

  6. There was a good reply to the idea of a writers group. I’ll be trying to get that organized this month and who knows – if everybody has a decent schedule, maybe we could start meeting in March. Hooray!

  7. I love each and every one of you. But not you. Yes – you. Never you.
Re: wrist

Have you looked into tendinitious? I can never spell that word right. It's what I have and causes the same symptoms in my wrists. Glucosomine is good for the joints and helps a lot.
That's sounding like it. Thanks! I'll at least be armed with some info when I see a doctor.
(Deleted comment)
Yeah - my boss just told me the same. She says she has a brace and if she finds it she'll loan it to me until I can get to a doctor.
(Deleted comment)
Good deal - I might pick on up at Walgreens tonight.

I'm worried because I have broken both my wrists loooong long ago (on seperate occasions). Perhaps that might have somthing to do with it.

Or the fact that I have horrible typing posture...
(Deleted comment)
I do have one, but it's not high enough. Maybe I could get ANOTHER one and put that on top of it. I've been trying to keep my wrists up lately, and change the hight of my chair, but gah.