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Holy mother of god, will this morning EVER end?!?!?!?

Who wants to play a game? Is there a game we could play over LJ? We did the "In My Pants" game a few months ago.

LJ Tag? Who has the funniest story? A Mass LJ Version of The Adventurs of Baron Munchausen?

LJ is dead today, and I suspect everybody else is too.
We can play "I'm going to the moon..."

I'm going to the moon and I'm bringing a marsupial.

Your turn.
I'm going to the moon and bringing a marsupial and a euro-centric view on world history.
I'm going to the moon and bringing a marsupial, a euro-centric view on world history, and.....toilet paper :-P I ran out of creative ideas, sorry.
I'm going to the moon and I'm taking a marsupial, a euro-centric view on world history, toilet paper, and Kubryk's left nut.
Only slightly dead, I'm assuming. More in the extremities than the torso. Or maybe it's just that really numb feeling that you can get. Or maybe....the LJ universe is expanding so rapidly that all the communiques of us small LJ users are being drowned in the ethereal mass that is new creation, and in the shouts of LJ communities. Or maybe I think too much.
Only slightly dead

As opposed to mostly dead.

I love The Princess Bride.

LJ communities are a breading ground for wank. Maybe I should go trolling...
hehe....::sings:: the internet is FOR PORN!! ::/sing::

LJ communities are pretty good for letting time pass idly.
Grab your dick and double click to porn, porn, PORN!

It's a good thing I'm not a guy. tendonitis in the wrist would have to suck for any male...

I would go trolling but I'm to lazy...I mean, I would have to LOOK for the wanky threads.
It's not too difficult...all you have to do is do a search for 'furries', 'emo', or 'Ashlee Simpson'. =)

Happy trolling!
nah - trolls are bad. I don't really want to be a troll.
Okie. Speaking of trolls...we watched Willow last night. I love that LOTR rip off of a movie. =)
I just checked my hotmail account, and I'm not kidding when I say that I had like 30 EC emails sitting in my inbox.
Tendonitis? nah.

It's all in the arm, anyway. Why do you think we guys like to arm wrestle so much?
SO, in a way, arm wrestling is just showing which guy whacks off more?
Heh...it all depends on your style. Some like a little wrist action, and others like the whole forearm to get into the action. That's when tendonitis in the elbow really sucks.

I was looking down the line of who replied....I STARTED THAT MUCH OF A RESPONSE?! Well...I guess it is your LJ.
On my LJ - EVERYBODY can be popular.