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So, as mentioned in my previous post - I was pretty bored today and decided to try my hand at trolling. Now, what better community to be a complete ass wipe than the qow communtiy, which is really just rife with some really crazy people.

I went in and picked a fight. I tried to be as belligerent and obtuse as possible. My work day is almost over and I don't feel like taking it home, but from this little lesson, I have one thing to say: I totally see why trolls do it. This has kept me amused for the better part of the day. What's interesting is how people got their hackles up at me. Now, I don't think calling someone "bitter" is an insult, but others were people were so quick to call me names.

I wonder if they realized that I was doing this really just to see how people would respond. And, they did respond as I thought the QOW people would. Some of those who fought back, or used what I’m sure they thought were witty and cut throat remarks, are normally better at not feeding trolls. Apparently I had just the right mix of stupidity and charm to go under the radar. I know I wasn't the best troll out there, but I did have fun.

I think my favorite quote of the whole 10 post thing or so was “Here, let me help you untangle your panties.”

I’d like to make a foil to Godwin’s law that says as a wanktastic thread gets longer, the probability of someone using the word “panties” gets nearer to 1. Also – when someone does invoke the use of “panties,” that thread is now completely fair game to anybody who would like to be just plain silly.
Resisting the urge to call you an ass and instead am trying to be healthily amused that we've been had.

This is much easier to do when realizing that there is one less person on the 'Net that's actually that stupid. :)

And dude, if you think the Queen of Wands LJ is full of nutjobs? You have not seen freaking ANYTHING until you've met the adult Lilo and Stitch fans.
Just remember - I AM a member of QOW and have been for a while. I say that there are crazies there not as an outsider, but as one of them.
Hee, I will keep this in mind. :) Sorry about the 'ass' comment. You actually seem very cool.
And I don't disagree about the QOW crazies. XD But the Lilo and Stitch people worship Stitch like he's the Messiah and spend hundreds of dollars on plush. I'm not kidding. I swear. Scariest fandom I've ever been in.
(Deleted comment)
Oh I post there too - I've been a member for quite some time now.
*snrk* Cute. To be fair, though, that community is far less wanktastic than the old Something Positive one was. As evidence, I note that Aeire still reads hers...