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I called my friend who lives in Arizona last night. It was the first time I talked to him on the phone since early high school. The loose plans for the time being are that I’m going to drive down from Black Canyon City on the 18th and stay the night, leaving Saturday afternoonish. We’re both excited to finally meet after 9 years of knowing each other online. Talking to him was fun too…you could tell there was a bit of nervous tension in the air just because it’s like learning how to speak. I am SO looking forward to this vacation.

Speaking of my vacation: Who wants a postcard from California and/or Arizona? If you do, just email me your address to fangirlie@gmail.com

I bought a wrist brace yesterday after work and I wore it to bed. I was then a dumbass and forgot to bring it with me to work. On the plus side, I could feel and amazing difference in how my wrist felt this morning. On the downside, I can feel the pain start coming back already. This is not good. I really am going to have to see a doctor and find out the best way to treat whatever it is I have.

I had a dream last night that the really hot detective from Law and Order: SVU felt me up while we were riding the elevator to his rotting shack of an apartment. It was strange too because he just reached over, into my shirt and just grabbed my boob. I felt self-conscious because I was wearing my push-up bra, but hey – I went with it.

And, just because I thought it would be good to share with everybody what annoys me so that you all have enough material to drive me absolutely nuts for the rest of my life, here’s a list of my pet peeves:
  • People who self diagnose, especially when they get it wrong. Examples: People who claim they have insomnia but really they just have a fucked up sleep pattern. Insomnia doesn’t mean you can’t sleep at night. Insomnia means YOU CAN’T SLEEP AT ALL.

  • People who are all “I’m against self medicating” so they won’t take things like tums or advil. Who do you guys think you are? Little martyrs?
  • Invoking the grammar/spelling nazi in online debates. It’s tacky and odds are if someone tries to do it, they’ll fuck up. Example that was used recently: “You typed ‘you’re’ – I BELIEVE you mean ‘your!’ Your grammer (note spelling) sucks!” It just defeats the purpose folks.

  • People who think it’s really cool to alienate themselves and then get really pissed off when nobody will play with them. Yes. We are all going to bend over backwards to suit your eccentric needs.

  • People who list their pet peeves on line. God they fucking piss me off.

  • Saying “humans suck” like somehow you are not like the rest of the humans

  • Any conversation that follows in suit: “I hate SUV drivers, they’re all soccer moms and hate the environment!” “Um, I drive an SUV.” “Well, I don’t mean YOU – you’re different!”
    >People who are all “I’m against self medicating” so they won’t take things like tums or advil. Who do you guys think you are? Little martyrs?

    Actually, I'm quite large.

    I don't take over-the-counter drugs regularly so I can hold them in reserve for when I REALLY need them. I also think having a pounding headache or upset stomach or the like means there's something I'm doing wrong. Usually, it's not getting enough sleep.
    But you still take them - I have friends who don't take them AT ALL. I mean, I don't take advil for every headache I get. It usually means I haven't drank enough water, so I'll try doing that first.

    But if I'm in some real pain - I'm going to take advil. Why should I be in pain, why should ANYBODY be in pain when they can just relieve it?
    Drug companies are TEH SUXORS!!!11! They are trying to brainwash us!!!1111!!1

    Hehehe..no, really I'm with you on this one. Take the damn pills and stop whining. =)
    IT just doesn't make any sense to me. What's wrong in taking advil and tums? Tums is nothing more than calcium. IF you don't like tums, drink some milk. If your head is pounding away why not take some advil or tylenol? What's so wrong about taking it?

    I just don't understand why people are liek that.
    Easiest examples: they either get too addicted too easily, they're stubborn or they want sympathy/attention. Not-so-easy answer: it might be a spiritual thing, like the Church of Scientology....at least I think that's who believes that God will heal any illness as long as people pray long enough. Other than that, I have little to no clue.
    I can understand the addiction if it was something like sleep aids or things like that. But simple pain medication or indigestion relief?

    ANd I think it's Christian Scientists who believe that God will heal all their wounds if they all just pray alot about it.
    I thought the Christian Scientists and Church of Scientology were either related someone or the same thing by a different name....What's the difference?
    Church of Scientology is that made up religion that you have to pay lots of money to inorder to learn "the most devine secrets" or some crap like that.

    A lot of movie stars are scientologist. I think it was started by L. Ron Hubbard.
    Ah, that's the difference. Why do so many celebs buy into that? I know John Travolta is a member as well as a few other high profile actors and a couple actresses, but what's the attraction?
    Because they've been told their money cna buy them happiness?
    Note on the wrist brace: Don't forget to wash it. I forgot to wash mine and it just smelled so bad I threw it away.
    *points to your icon* That's him! That's the detective who totally copped a feel!
    And that's totally his prison number. Yay for Oz.
    hee - I really do want to be mollested by him.

    I need to rent OZ from netflicks or something. That show looks awesome. And naked violent scary men are hot.

    When they aren't being violent to ME that is.
    Do it. Oz is an amazing show. But be warned Christopher Melloni isn't in it until second season. But you have to watch first season to understand what's happening in second season. Cause the seasons are only eight episodes long.
    Oz. . .Oz is a show with an amazing psychological feeling, with the characters and how they interact, etc.

    YOu just have to get over the extremely violent portions, alongside the male rape.
    the hot SVU guy? do you mean ice T? he's hot. mmmmm hotty hotness. put him in my little fandom.
    no! I mean Dr. Stabler - the guy who's always with Olivia.

    He's HAWTT.
    maybe in a DAD way. you get off on the father figures?
    Well, at least I haven't broken any of those.


    So, how's things?