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Abby and I are buying power ball tickets again this week. WE like to play the game of "when I win the lottory I'm going to..."

So if YOU won the powerball, what would you do with all that money?
Buy an island on Puget Sound. Oooh yeah.
oooo, VERY nice - could I come and visit you on your island?
(Deleted comment)
Nice - I want to buy a house in Monterey, but I may need to win the powerball twice in order to do that...
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(Deleted comment)
How much money are we talking about?
Well, I think the powerball is up to $12 - $15 million or something right now. THe firewall at work won't let me check it.

So if I win, I'm looking at atleast $6 mil. So work with that.
I also assume this means, "What items would you spend your money on?", not "Contribute as much as you can into your 401k and Roth IRAs. Hire accountant to find other tax shelters. Begin contributing money to Log Cabin Republicans." sort of answers.
hmm, first I'd pay off all my debts (not too bad at the moment, but I want them gone) Then a new car, nothing too fancy, but new. Third, I'd endow a scholorship fund in memory of my stepfather. I'm not sure yet who the fund would target, maybe non-traditional students in engineering or some such, oh, and my friends who are financially struggling their way through school. Of the rest, a good portion would be invested and I'd treat myself to a good shopping spree. The home theater idea above has merit.

oh, and buy your tickets here or somewhere using the Mega-Millions drawing. That one is up to $32M currently.
I'd buy a house on Summit Ave, throw some into my 401k plan (just in case someone steals the cash from my mattress while I'm sleeping), go back to Australia, and help Megger's remodel her kitchen. =)
Buy orphanges and turn 'em into strip joints
ooo - can I come and visit? I would totally love to drop some knowledge on a 15 year old boy!
mmmm.. TRUST FUND, baby.

That way when I'm out of the whole apartment-living joy and ready to settle down, I'll have enough to create an art scholarship for kids to apply for, and with the rest I'll buy an island in the Mississippi somewhere (probably Nicollet Island.. or maybe just a house on the island) and buy a donkey.
A donkey?

Damn. You ARE kinky...
(Deleted comment)
Dammit, you took my "build an orbital death ray" idea!

Oh, well.