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power_puffs_lab did this last week and I thought it was really cool. I wanted to wait until I was home so I could do a better job of explaining.

I have A LOT of icons and room for many more, but I don't use all of them. Here's the list of icons that I do use pretty regularly:
: this is my default icon. It doesn't mean all that much except that I think it's really, REALLY cute. It comes from Bunny, one of my favorite online comics. Bunny as Dr. Who is really awesome and I am really awesome, so I guess that all works out. My default icon is prone to change. A lot.

: I use this one if I'm writing about something that's sort of serious but I'm really not that serious about it. I'm not a Charles Manson fan, but I am a Mac Fan, so yeah, I dunno.

: These are my naughty sex icons. amaresu made the first one and chaos_ensues helped to make the second one. Sometimes I'll use them if I'm talking about sex stuff, or sometimes I'll use them because their are both really, really silly.

: "I'm pissed off!" These are when I'm grumpy or angry about something. The first two are from DiscWorld, and the third is from Happy Tree Friends (it also used to be my default icon)

: Sometimes people are just being overly dramatic. What better way to show how hammed up a situation/person is that with my drama icons? Also - eggplants are cool. These are actually part of a t-shirt that my friend elaine helped to design for a co-op in Madison.
Eggplants are EVIL!!! if you're Courage the Cowardly Dog :P