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I don't understand the bitterness that's directed to sports teams. Perhaps it's a lingering "Jocks were mean to me in high school and now they get paid a lot of money and are famous and I'm here with all my smarts and nobody is appreciating it. SEXY PEOPLE SHOULD DRAPE THEMSELVES OVER ME BECAUSE I'M SMART GODDAMNIT!"

Well, let's look at it like this: Odds are those jocks that you knew in high school DIDN'T become famous. They probably went to college, maybe played 4 years of some sport, graduated with a degree in business and are doing fairly well. Or maybe they didn't - maybe they played 1 year, partied too much and dropped out. But you know what? I had very smart friends who didn't play sports do the exact same thing.

Also - those same jokes who laughed at you when you answered the question right in Algebra DON'T EVEN REMEMBER YOU. That's right. You probably remember their names and each time they made your lives hell whereas they don't. What should we learn from this? Simple: Stop caring about it. It was high school.

As for the money, let's think about this. I have until I'm about 60 or so to make all my money. Sport players have what? 10 good years in their given sport before they become too old to play? And what happens if they get injured severely? 60 years vs 10 years. Think about that. And not all those who play professional sports are famous. Some just play the game - they don't do endorsements or have bit parts in movies. They just play the game that they love.

Last point: Professional athletes ARE NOT STUPID. Sure, some of them might be, but any sport out there involves strategy. Ask any sport fanatic about why they love their sport - it's because it is difficult. Football, baseball, basketball, hockey, rugby, polo, you name it - there is strategy behind it. It's not all about running around and smacking each other. Team sports are about being a team. They are not stupid - it's about working together to acomplish a goal. Some people don't like team sports - they think working together is dumb because...well, I don't know why. Maybe it's because nobody is looking at they because they're looking at the team. I don't know.

So in conclusion: I don't much like football, and I'm not watching the game tonight because I think football is boring as all get out. But really - let's stop being bitter about it. It's expending energy that could be channled to something more productive and more creative.

It's interesting. When I've gone to baseball games or basketball games I have never felt excluded even though I didn't know exactly what was going on. I asked questions and I watched the game and people were more than happy to share with me more about the game. I felt connected. Whenever I asked the same type of questions in more of a science related field I always felt EXCLUDED. Perhaps this is why more people care about sports than they do about the world of science and literature. If we made ourselves more accessable, more willing to explain what we enjoy, and less condisending, perhaps people would be more willing to be interested. It's just a thought.
"and I'm not watching the game tonight because I think football is boring as all get out. "

Try it with a beer or drink of choice ... its much better.

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Right on. Hurray for misanthropy!
re: stupid athletes

Last summer I met Matt Birk from the MN Vikings and was very impressed when I learned that he earned a degree in Economics. From Harvard.