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I have “Everybody Else Has Had More Sex Than Me” stuck in my head this morning. If you haven’t seen the music video for that, go out and find it. It’s not really work appropriate but the thing is so damn cute!! Poor little bunny.

I’ve also determined that this song is right up there with that “To the Windows!” tune, whatever it’s called, as being one of the worst songs to get stuck in your head while at work. I mean, yeah, it sucks to have ANY song stuck in your head, but some are just NOT appropriate for the corporate environment. I don’t think my boss would mind too much if she caught me singing “ooo boy I luv you so, never ever ever gonna let you go, once I get my hands on yoooOOOooou!” (this song will get stuck in my head for DAYS. God I fucking HATE it!) but I have a feeling words would be had if I started belting out “TO THE WINDOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOS! TO THE WALLS! Til the sweat drip down my BALLS! All you bitches crawl motha fucka!”

Call it a hunch.

I got a bonus from work last week and I spent it all this weekend. I got a keen new phone that I really like and three new books. After finishing the Thursday Next series I realized I really needed something to devour. Right now I am consuming “Fight Club” with dangerous speed, and I think that “Choke” will be next followed by “Diary.”

I am enjoying Palahniuk or however you spell his name. He reminds me of Kurt Vonnegut – he is a very fast read with lots of energy. I find myself running to keep up and enjoying the exercise. Now, saying that he’s like Vonnegut isn’t saying that he’s writing in that style. It’s just something in the tone of voice and the energy in the writing that strikes me as similar.

My father once talked to me about writing IN style and writing WITH style. In style means that basically you’re copying someone else. Maybe not their ideas, but maybe in the tone or the voice. With style means that you have style all of your own. It’s not so much as original, but it’s your own voice, your own tone. In style will sell, but it’s not as strong as With style. So I don’t think Palahniuk is writing LIKE Vonnegut, but I think that their two styles, while different, are similar.

If that makes any sense.

Beginning writers, I think, write first in style then develop their own. However, the more they try to copy or imitate other authors, the longer it will take for them to get to that point. I think this is my root of animosity for fan fic authors who think they are all that and a bag of potato chips (did I just date myself with that term? Is that phrase so 90s it makes the baby jesus cry?).

Anyways – I leave on Friday night for my vacation. Brian and Kelly have agreed to watch my house, cat and car for me while I’m gone. The next five days are going to drag by at a snail’s pace but by the time Friday rolls around I will NOT be ready.
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ANd I agree - I should have voiced my self better. I think it's natural for a begining writer to copy the style of their favorite author. It will help them understand mechanics. It's when that writer never goes BEYOND that is where I have problems. Hence my disgust of fan fiction (not all, I mean, if people are doing it just to be silly, sure. BUt if they are doing it seriously and are all "OMG dun steal I have this copywrited!" I just want to bitch smack them.

But really on his style? I enjoy Vonnegut's style of writing. I find it refreshing and VERY unique. Like I said, the energy in his books just picks me up running. I'll finish his books in a day or two (depending - Slaughter House Five and Cat's Cradle I'll read like water. Breakfast of Champions and Hocus Pocus I have to drag my way through).