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My products from Lush just came and I spent 15 minutes opening the box and smelling each product. I can't WAIT to get home tonight :-D

I've missed Big Hair shampoo so much.
Yay for Lush! :)
I need to place an order soon.
*swoon* Be sure to post reviews. I love reading product reviews.

In addition to my Lush and BPAL pending orders, I discovered this today: MMU Cosmetics bath stuff. 300 scents! Any produt in any scent you want! Of course I had to place an order there too. I am bath produts' bitch. When I get all this stuff I will post a picture so everyone can see how sick I am.
Oh, and I found that you can get away with using a lot less BIG than you would think at first. A tiny bit goes a long way. Once I figured that out, my second tub lasted way longer than my first one.