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Forgive my snarkiness. February is horrible for me and I realize that I am not always the happiest of persons sometimes. I realize that I am lashing out at people, I realize that I am being a bully at times. I’m working on it though. I just need to calm down and realize that the month is short, I’ll be relaxing for a week, things will be all right.


I’m writing again. Got a page and a half started. Got the first scene out of the way. I’m trying something different. I’m plotting this short out like I would plot a movie. 3 acts. I have my hook, I have my protagonist, I just need to make sure that the goal is equal or greater than the risks. It’s a detective story, I guess. Watching hours upon hours of Law and Order SVU have etched my brain with cop dramas. I don’t even know if I’m writing this correctly. We’ll see.

I feel lost and distant. Still haven’t heard from TOTU, so I wrote them a query email. I’m afraid of what I’m going to find today.
Dear Madam, I regret to inform you that we mailed out your rejection notice three weeks ago. If your incompetence to write a story is a reflection of your ability to read a letter, there is no wonder you are confused. Tsk tsk. We had hoped better from you.

I KNOW it won’t be that bad, but fear is persistent and paranoia is my friend.

Well, at least in February it is.

Friday can’t come soon enough.

Class tonight. I did the reading and critiquing. I hope I’m not the only one who didn’t really like it. I also hope they listen to me and not brush me off.

Gah – I am doubting myself and my talents. I hate this. I’m better than this. I feel myself slipping backwards, grabbing onto any hand hold I can find. Ending February with a mental break down is not my idea of fun.
(Deleted comment)
It's TOTU and it's short for "Tales of the Unanticipated," a locally published magazine that pays for stories. I sent my stories there back in August, heard from them in December, but have yet to hear from them again. Their website said I could send a query email...here's hoping the best!

And I don't know if I have a plot...yet...I have the idea, I have a general idea of where it should go, so I'm just jumping feet first and writing something down. Hopefully it'll evolve into SOMETHING.
just throw in some sex and drugs and guns and someone dying from a terminal illness and Voila! Instant plot!
I have a polic man, a string of murder/suicides, angsty/crazy teens, and the age old question "is the cat alive or dead?"

Throw in some VR and a dash of social commentary and poof! Story! :-P
is the cat in a sack?
The cat is in a box.
is it a breadbox?
No - the cat is in a box with a peice of uranium, a gieger counter, a hammer, and a vial of poison gas.
is the vial open?
We don't know! The box is closed!
well, what are you waiting for?? Open the damn box!!!!
but what will the outcome be? WIth the vial be intact or broken? IS THE CAT ALIVE OR DEAD?!?!
Put the box in a moving vehicle. If it makes a terrible yowling noise, we'll know the cat is alive. =)
(Deleted comment)
I think my frist draft of a story is just me throwing up on paper. My second draft is where a plot starts to form.

I have a half dozen stories that are half started because I just couldn't DO anything with them.
I'm sure nobody will be that snarky, if they DO reject you.

It's not like you wrote Anne Frank lesbian incest slashfic...

Er...you didn't, did you?
I wouldn't be caught DEAD writing fanfic.
And certainly not the horror I described!

No, I was pretty darn sure that I was kidding.
Even still - the fact remains that I would never EVER write fanfic.
Oh, I know! I was just holding that up as an example of how, after exposure to such horrors, editors are likely to be overjoyed at seeing stuff like yours.
Um,... I believe the phrase is GHOST writing. (takes tongue out of cheek)
*smack smack smack smack*
A cop drama. . . .can you have a fat white guy bare his butt cheeks a lot?