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Thank God. After two weeks, two very VERY long weeks with only reruns to keep me going, we have new episodes of Lost.

And it's a Charlie episode.

And oh - my heart bleeds for Charlie. And oh - Charlie I love you. Don't you worry, Claire's gonna remember it all again.

Oh - and Boone! Boone! Seriously! He's starting to freak me out! Remeber how last post I was all Apocalypse Now? Yeah - Boone's becoming a little too "one with the jungle" for my tastes. When Locke finally takes his cut throat band of castaways off to the other side of the island in a blatant knock off of Lord of the Flies - Boone's gonna be scarry bad ass.

I also was dissapointed with Locke being all "LOCK AND LOAD BABY!" deep down in my heart I was hoping he was like MacGyver or something and would be all "Bitch, I don't need your dumbass guns. I'll just whittle me a dart gun and use this frog *grabs random frog* to poison a dart. The dart won't kill Ethan, but this special frog emits a truth serum and Ethan will tell us all."

Sad moment of the show? Charlie looking around and seeing Sun and Jin all spooning on the ground, then lonely Jack, then Sayid being tended to by a dumbass mother fucking Shannon (I still hate the bitch). He's so cute. Oh Charlie - you can take care of me. You can provide for me. Be my baby daddy.

By the by - Dom in a suit looks like a kid playing dressup. He belongs in baaaaaaaaaaaaaaabyanimals.

Yeah, I know. I'm a sap.

Next week: Sawyer/Kate/Jack and a whole mess of issues.
Next week: Sawyer/Kate/Jack and a whole mess of issues.

And then they do sex.
mmm...delicious TV censord sex...

And I have a feeling Kate's just gonna fuck it up by comparing Sawyer to Jack somehow.
Oh man, truth serum poison dart frog. That would have ruled beyond ruling. Still, that look Locke gave when he cocked the gun? That scary-ass crazed gleam in his eye? I may or may not have made squeaky noises.
You need to seriously stop talking about frogs. I'm still scarred from yesterday! :P
baby animals?

I don't follow....