I'm in Arizona! Yay!

But it's raining! Boo!

My airplane flight number was 1337! Yay!

But it was 40 minutes late getting in to AZ! Boo!

It got to the ground safely! Yay!

But I missed my shuttle bus to Black Canyon City! Boo!

I flagged down another shuttle bus and it agreed to take me to BBC! Yay!

My grandma met me at Ron's Market! Yay!

We had dinner at Rock Springs Cafe! Yay!

My friend called me and I'm going to Tucson tomorrow! Yay!

I'm leaving out a lot - like most of what I did while i was in Davis and who I saw and what I did, but I need to process it all first. Going home is strange. California welcomed me home with loving arms as if I were the prodigal daughter. Most of my friends from high school are still working THE SAME JOBS they had in high school. While this should bolster me, it has the opposite effect. Meaning: I could not have gone to college, I could not have moved to the mid west, I could not have done anything, really, except be content with mediocracy and still have had a life.

But...what KIND of life would it have been?

Gah - going home is strange.