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Has anybody else seen the new rebock comercial?


So that Christina Agulara or however the f*ck you spell her name dance about in the sand shakin' her booty and running about in rebock shoes. It then pulls back and you see that she was making a peace sign. She then brings two shoes together and they turn into doves and she lets them go.

I don't know what exactly it is about this ad that bugs me. What is the ad saying? "Buys shoes, we like peace" or "buy our shoes and they turn into doves"? It really confuses me and annoys me. I hate that type of advertising. It doesn't say anything really, it's a waste of time, and Christina makes my skin crawl.

Anybody else have any views on this?
It striked me as more of a music video. And I was getting into checking out her until that damn peace sign and dove transformation. Maybe Reeboks make you heavenly? How is Minneapolis?
Minneapolis is alright, getting to know the area little by little. Slowly moving into the apt (and I do mean slowly. My living room looks like a disaster area!!). Gonna start headed into the down town area pretty soon and start looking for work *crosses fingers, hopes for the best*
Well, just keep a look out for Prince, or that short guy formerly known as...
Christina never met a workout that required clothes, let alone shoes, so clearly, she is not the Reebok girl. It's actually Shakira, for what it's worth.

Yes, I think your assessment is correct. Buy our shoes because we like peace(and buxom belly dancing hootchie mamas grinding themselves into the sand). If you buy our shoes you will live (with a belly dancing hootchie mama on the beach) in peace.

What dimwit falls for this? On second thought, don't tell me.
Shakira, Christina, dumb singers who wish they had a shred of talent....they can be swapped for each other and no one will notice. They can also be dragged out into the street and shot and I don't think anyone would notice.

And let me tell you, every day, EVERYDAY I want my shoes to turn into doves. I really really do.
Wow, am I a moron. I thought about it after I posted my Christina comment, and thought it was instead Mariah Carey. But now I find out it's really Shakira. Wow. Moron, I am. Have you seen Prince yet?
No prince sightings, but Neil Gaiman is actually on the top of my list to stalk. Unfortunatly, he's in Europe on a book tour :(

Prince doesn't do it for me. Neil Gaiman though...meOW!!!
I can't argue with that. You are a moron, and certainly the kind of dimwit who thinks shoes bring peace. Which makes me think of a very profound lyric from your hero Prince: "Act yo age mama, not yo shoe size, maybe we could do the twirl." Prince, shoes, Shakira,it all makes sense now, don't it? Or don't it? It don't, do it? Ok, then you're just a moron.