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I am so articulate today. Phear my articulation.

Was awoken today by my upstairs neighbors hammering...something. If you want a cranky meg. Like a really, REALLY, cranky Meg, wake her up with repiditive noises. I don't know what it is about them, but they piss me off so much. And it's not angry cranky, it's more like sad, pathetic cranky.

Once, my roommate Alli, whose dresser was under my loft, was rooting around for something. Over and over again I heard "thump shuffle shuffle thump thump slam" until I cried out in anguish "please for the love of god STOP!!" It feels like the world is against me. If birds are chirping non stop out side my window, as I lay in bed I will think of all the horrible things I could do to these birds to make them stop, but I can't because the world is out to get me.

This only happens in the morning. Never when I'm going to sleep, never in the middle of the night. Only in that time frame when you know you should be awake but you don't want to be awake and OBVIOUSLY the world wants you to be awake and out of bed. It's like that water torture they talk about. Almost like the tell-tale heart.

Went and bought walking shoes today. Thursday was the Keller Williams concert and I REALLY hurt my ankle by dancing in bad shoes. Basically, I was on my feet for over 4 hours. 3 of those hours were spent dancing. Some lady even complimented me on my dancing, which is odd because I don't so much dance as I just flail my limbs around and hope it matches the rhythm. I enjoy this random flailing of limbs and Williams' music was perfect for it. I don't know how to describe the music except think of those hippy friends you had in college. Do you see them in your mind? YOu know, the girl in dreds and the patchwork skirt? The guys who wore a lot of hemp and never washed their hair? Remember the music they listened to? Yeah, it's kinda like that except not at all.

It was strange because the mix in the audience was amazing. Not just the neo-hippies, there were frat boys there, girls in night club outfits, people who defy classification, and that's a lot like Keller's music in general. Just a hodgepodge of music and melodies and everything else. He's a solo performer and mixes all the musical lines on stage. Right now i'm having trouble listening to him on iTunes because I KNOW what he sounds like in concert, I know how it feels to be out there dancing around with other sweaty people, and yeah. Man. Good times, GOOD times. He ended the 2nd act with an AMAZING cover of "What I Got" and ended the encore with "Baby you can drive my car." It was just AWESOME. His music reminds me of RIchard Brautigan. Probably because he loves his wife so much. It's really sweet.

But yeah, I woke up on Friday morning and could hardly put any weight on my right (read: weak as a baby) ankle. After my shower it got a bit better but the whole day it really hurt. I put a heat pack on it last night and this morning it was A LOT better. So I bought some good, supportive shoes today (at a horrible price) and for the first time in YEARS finally got my feet accuratly measured.

There is a difference of nearly 4 sizes between my feet. FOUR SIZES. Fuck. I have mutant feet.

But now I have comfy walking shoes and I feel like I can walk ANYWHERE. We shall soon see if that is true as I start walking more. The weather has been shaping up (this better not be one of your evil tricks, you bitch of a whore, mother nature! No, baby, don't look like that, I didn't mean it that way. I love you baby, don't be such a cunt) and I need to do some walking.

So that's my life right now. Or maybe it's not. I miss not being able to update my LJ at work. I feel even MORE seperated from people when I can't communicate them, even on the internet. I am SO lame and a little out of the loop. Am working on correcting that.

PS - I love you. No, not you. No, not you either. You - yes! You! The one I'm pointing at. NO NOT YOU!!! Jesus christ people - stop being so vain.


You have to see the new Ugly, he's adorable. We love him already.