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On friday I will go and pick her up so that I can have the full weekend to help her and Sasha adjust to the new living arrangements.

I'm so excited - I hope Sasha will take it all well! *crosses fingers*

Is there anything I should know about helping a new kitty be welcomed into a home and helping my current kitty adjust to a new playmate?
Hmm. . .one thing that helped us introduce several new cats into the casa de sawitz was this. We locked one in a room and let that cat stake out its' turf in there while letting the other roam free. We'd then, after a while, put the other in a seperate room and let the noob run free of the house. Do that several times so they know each other's scent, then let them 'meet' in a controlled environment.
I was thinking of doing something like that. Maybe the bathroom (but that's so tiny) but also maybe the kitchen. I think the bedroom, for the time being, will be a Sasha Only zone, so that he still has a place that's just "his"
My parents tried the 'hold the cats across from each other and hopefully they won't kill each other' technique first when we got our first 'additional' cat. My cat Sebastian took off from my dad's grasp and just beat the piss out of Samantha.

This would be a continuing trend over the next 5 years.

Good luck.
Yes, well, Sasha is a 20 bag of emo feline. I don't think there will be much ass kicking by this one :)
what's the kitty's name? and what color? how big? how old? YAY!
Kitty's name is Molly, she's five months old, kind of a mottled gray - you can see the post about her here: CUTE KITTY!

when we got the Dude we had to keep an eye on Sula because she would freak out whenever he was around. They got use to each other after about a week so it is not too bad.
I hope Sasha will be okay with it - he's such an emo kitty I worry about him.
Is your new kitty the adorable one that was posted in twin_cities?

If so, she is gorgeous! =) I can't wait to meet the new kitty!
Yuppers! Molly it is :)
I'm so happy you're getting that kitty! She's adorable.

Well, you've already done the first part right by choosing a kitty of the opposite sex that is younger and smaller than Sasha. He shouldn't feel as threatened by a kitten than if you'd gotten an older cat.

When we got Taco we kept them separated for a few hours. First we put Taco in the bedroom with a litter box and some food, and one of us played with him while the other stayed outside and played with Nutmeg. Then we took Taco out and put Nutmeg in the room to smell his scent. We switched several times. They sniffed at each other through the door and pawed at each other with minimal hissing, so we let them out together. There was some hissing and general freaking out, but by the second or third day they were cuddling together. Although Nutmeg still hisses at him and smacks him in the head fairly often.
I hope your cats become lovers.