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Something mean and nasty crawled up Simon's butt tonight. Up until Anwar performed and then he was all smiled again.

Randy and Paula were on drugs. Seriously. They were in the back, smoking it up, then came out. This explains why they were all "OMG Constantine! Your song RAWKED" when Abby and I were crying. Because our ears were bleeding but he's just too hawtt.

Simon called them on it. All they could do was say "Dood, man, is cool baby! is cool! That is WHACK!" and then Paula started giggling and Randy ordered some funions.

Bottom three of the men:
Bo Bice
Travis Tucker
Mario Vazquez

It's hard though, because Constantine is very very hot, but tonight he sang very very bad. But I'm thinking the hotness factor will see him through to the top 12.
Mama likes funions.

Quoth Pat McCurdy