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I miss you guys. No, really, I do. I don't know if people read this because I post in the night now, but I miss interacting with all of you. Just thought I'd share.

ANYWAYS - been busy tonight. Found 5 jobs in the classifieds that I'm printing off my resume for (have I mentioned that my resume SPARKLES? Because, you know, it totally does) and I'm feeling confidant.

Yesterday was a really good day. I wrote to my old writing prof. back at SNC about Grad School and whether or not I can make it in with my less than stellar grades. Here is what she told me:
You're making all the right moves: soul searching, then re-searching (the right places to apply), etc. You might want to visit some of these schools and interview the grad program representative, try to get a feel for the kinds of programs they're offering, what they're looking for in their candidates. Your talent is what'll get you in the door, certainly. You have to develop stamina, a thick skin, and a work method or ethic, to make something of the program that you get into. You have to convince yourself and the people who pick you that you've got what it takes to a) make it through their program and b) get something worthwhile out of it, and finally, most importantly, c) do great things with what you get out of it. In other words, your undergraduate grades aren't what're important. What's important is that you use this grad degree to become a real actual working writer, that you publish things, and that, in the end, you bring a measure of fame, glory and "return" to the place that believed in you enough to let you in.

I am totally dedicating my first book to her.

Also, last night was the writing class with Eric Heideman as a guest speaker. There were many good things about last night.
a. He remembered who I was after a year and a half.
b. He remembered my story and what he said about it.
c. He remembered (and liked!)the throw away joke I put on my cover letter
d. He told me that I most definitely have potential.

So yeah. My life? Still pretty crazy. Sometimes at night I grind my teeth and I wake up with a sore jaw. Sometimes I am so full of energy I feel like licking a fight with someone. Sometimes I feel that I'm like a child standing at the edge of a great bonfire.

Sometimes I feel like I'm on the verge of tears.

"Don't listen to the words, just focus on the bass"
Wooo sounds good have fun hunting for your grad school. I definately recomend visiting schools, laying out a couple days so you can go meet grad student peoples and faculty you would work with
I miss you Meg. You have no idea how much. Snc is no where near as fun with out you and I find I am paying more attetion in German with out you there. :( I want to come see you sometime but I am so busy with school and work I barely have time to see Byron. Good luck with everything: job, writting and everything else.