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Cat Integration:
Molly is fast becoming part of the craziness in Casa De La Meg. She is a crazy ass little kitty, and prone to fits of running about the house and baiting Sasha. Sasha has now mastered the "Bitch, please" look and will promptly lay the smack down, which will send Molly into a frenzy again.

Molly has also taken to attacking my houseplants. Vera the Aloe has seen the brunt of this attack, and I fear that Lance the Cyclamen will be next.

Job Adventures:
I had my interview with CommonBond today and I think that it went very well. I feel very positive about the experience and the impact that I had. I don't know if I got the job or not, but I feel good that I've had my first interview of the new process.

Fire is my Friend:
My boss hosted a PartyLite party tonight and I went and spent money. I figured it'll be alright because I get paid next week. I bought 2 hanging lamps to put on either side of my bed and a really keen melt away type dealing.

They had lots of candle scents and we had fun giving them new names. We came up with a lot cooler names than the ones they had. One was called "Moon Dance" but it smelled like college boy. Not college boy who hasn't showered in a week, but college boy going on a date and wants to smell nice. We figured it must have patchulli in it or something. But really, would you rather by "Moon Dance" or "College Boy"?

Yes, I bought the college boy candles.

Wrap Up:
Molly is doing well but my plants are not.
My interview went well but I don't have my hopes up. It's just my first interview.
I had fun at the candle party. If I were to host one, would anybody like to come?

PS - I like Ween.
A candle party would rock, i would definitly come
I like Ween, too. They're pretty freaking prolific.

"The Blarney Stone" totally fits today's festivities... you should download that if you don't have it. It's off of The Molllusk
I <3 Ween. :)
I'd come to a candle party. I'm always a sucker for those home parties.