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The weekend was a lot of fun - despite Pat (my car) saying "Hey - do you know what's boring? Roads are boring. Do you what's fun? DITCHES are fun!!" and we hit a patch of ice and WHEEEEEEEEE! off to a ditch we went. Both Pat and I are alright. We made it to Milwaukee at about 10:30/11:00 ish on friday. Most of the drive was spent in the middle of a snow storm. It's one of those drives that I'm probably always going to remember. But yeah - got into town and Sam and Carolyn and I went off for a late night Denny's run where I liberated a leperchaun. It was a good time - I've forgotten how fun late night denny's runs are.

Aye Aye:
So on Saturday Carolyn and I saw The Pacifier to pacify our need to ogle Vin Diesel. The movie was a typical disney affair with some horrible writing and weak plot points. But we didn't care. We saw a half naked Vin in a towel. This is a GOOD thing. We saw his hard man boobies. Then Sam joined us and the three of us saw The Ring 2 which was incredibly dissapointing. Yes, it was spooky at some points but mainly just really dumb. Basically, the police were given a big sign that said "THESE ARE THE PEOPLE BEHIND IT ALL!" and the police were all "daaaaaaaaaah - we too dumb to read! blah blah!" So it was eh. But it was so much fun going to the movies - the one thing I REALLY miss out here is having a good movie buddy. I don't have a movie buddy out here.

Ai Ai Ai!:
After the movies we went debated about what we wanted for dinner. After much debate, phone tag, and a few internet searches, we settled on Izumi's Sushi. It was fairly good sushi for being in Milwaukee. Of course, the only sushi I've ever had is Origami's so I'm a little spoiled. But it was good. And a lot. And expensive. But that's okay! From Izumi's we went to At Random - a specialty bar that serves all sorts of ice cream drinks. Carolyn and I had pink squirrles and Sam had an Alexander the Great (or something). It was REALLY REALLY good and the bar was decked out in 60s/70s swag. And it looked like this little house. It was fun. We then headed over to the SafeHouse where we met our server from Izumi's. We all got glasses and were having a good time. yay!

Indigo Victor:
Sunday Carolyn and I ordered pizza and finished watching The Bourne Identity. I then drove home. The roads that were completely covered in snow and ditches that were home to many abandoned cars were bare. Oh, sure, it just had to snow for MY drive out there. Damn the weather gods!

V is for Vendetta:
Hooray for self doubt inflicted on me by a family member! And yes - I know I'm being horribly passive aggressive by writing this in my journal instead of talking directly to said family member but too bad. If he's allowed to project his own self doubt on me I can be annoyingly passive aggressive - so THERE. I don't care if I'm making things worse, it's just not fair to tell me I can't when out of everybody EVERYBODY IN THE WHOLE WORLD his approval means the most to me. Last night's conversation soured my whole night and kept me awake, bitter and angry and depressed until 2am. I'm tired now and allowed to be bitchy.

Vee I:
Over all - I really DID have a great weekend, despite being in a ditch. I had a lot of fun with Sam and Carolyn and I am looking forward to moving with them. I am scared - I'm changing my life around and making choices that are going to push me to succeed in life. I am a natural born world shaker - and I am starting to make sure that I fulfill that.

Vie Eye Ai:
I've had four songs running through my head in my own little mix mash of a song. "Young Pilgrims" and "Those to Come" by The Shins and "Bouncing Around The Room" and "Silent in the Morning" by Phish.

But I learned fast how to keep my head up 'cause I
Know there is this side of me that
Wants to grab the yoke from the pilot and just
Fly the whole mess into the sea.

The place I sought was far beneath the surface of the sea
My sight was poor but I was sure the sirens sang their songs for me
They dance above me as I sink I see them through a crystal haze
And hear them bouncing round the room the never ending coral maze

Quaking leaves and broken light
Shifting skin the coming night
The bearers of all good things arrive
Climb inside us, twist and cry
A kiss on your molten eyes

The target that I shoot for seems to move with every breath
I tighten all my arteries and make one last request
Divine creation hears me, and he squashes me with fear
I think that this exact thing happened to me, just last year
When in Rome.
have hot gay orgies?
rip off greek sculpture, but not do it as well and hide your inadequicies however you can (If you don't know what I'm talking about, I can explain XD)

Just commenting on your subjects.
Romans suck - they stole the greek gods and gave them teh LEHMEST names EVAH.

Zeus vs. Jupiter, Zeus wins.

And really, Hera vs. Juno? Who wants to be named JUNO!?!? Bleck.
I'd rather Juno to hera ^ ^;