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1) I have my second interview with CommonBond tomorrow at 2:30 - THINK GOOD THOUGHTS!!

2) I learned New Slang and Those to Come on my guitar

3) The Shins have not sold out! I get paid on thursday and then TICKETS ARE MINE! SHOUT OUT TO MA Since you gave me your tickets last year, would you like to come with me this time around?

4) I am celebrating this holy week in the best way I can - Randy is coming over on Thursday night and we're having an international zombie movie marathon. There is no better way to remember the fact that jesus rose from the dead and has us eating his flesh and drinking his blood than by watching zombies come to life and eat the brains of the living.

5) The kitties are getting along better now. They have now turned their attention towards my demise. My cats will take my life one day, but they'll make it look like an accident. But you, faithful readers, will know the truth. If I fall off the face of the earth, assume the worst and AVENGE MY DEATH!
I had a Jesus piñata one year at a Last Supper party. You may want to consider adding that to your Holy Zombie marathon.

Good luck in your interview!
Awwww...Sasha's too much of a sweetie to kill you! I don't know about that other cat, though.

Good thoughts for your interview, too!

And yes, Zombie Day is a wonderful thing to celebrate. Will you be watching Shaun of the Dead?
HELL YEAH. I'd LOVE to go to the SHINS with you!!!!!

Sorry it takes me like eight hundred years to get around to responding to this AND calling you for coffee. It has been too too too long and I apologize for the uncustomary lack of correspondence. I haven't been on LJ much at all.