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Hopefully tomorrow I'll find out if I have a new job at commonbond. They said that they really want to make the decision tomorrow and give someone a good easter holiday. I really hope it's me.

Work has been annoying and I hate it. Sometimes when I turn off my alamr in the morning I think how easy it would be for me just to stay in bed and get fired for being late. If it wouldn't be for the fact that unemployment sucks big hair goat balls, I would totally do it.

Feeling lost still. Feeling crappy and depressed. Feeling lonely too. I've been so anti-social lately and that's crap. I could easily pick up the phone and call people. Luckily - I do have things lined up:

Tomorrow is the international Zombie movie marathon with Randy
Friday is Napoleon Dynamite with Brian and Kelly
Minicon is this weekend too - special guest is Terry Pratchett. I would give anything to meet him.

Had a strange dream today. I dreamt that I was visiting the UofA and it looked exactly like SNC. Except that it actually looked more like my high school. So I called my friend David as I was walking through this because he went to UofA but he was actually in North Carolina at the time where he was meeting his online girlfriend who was a commercial actress. Her recent commercial was for these bizarre new candy/body jewelry things that made it look like you had a wad of tobacco stuffed in your lip. So he was a little distracted, and so was I because I was walking through a place that I had been before except not.

Dreams are confusing. Especially when they have people I know in them.

I'm just grumpy. And sad. And my place is still messy and a boy is coming over tomorrow. I can't have a messy house for when a boy is coming over. I just can't.
good luck on Job

Booo to napoleon dynamite horrid movie
*crosses fingers and toes* good luck for getting the job!
Good luck!
I don't see anything in the dream dictionary to interpret your dream. So I'll shoot from the hip and say it means you like peanut butter.