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It's like, 40 degrees outside and I think that means it's incredibly warm. I don't know when I started to think that 40 means warm, but it's like a part of me died.

I got my tax statements back from the family accountant and I owe the State of Minnesota almost $1000 and the Feds almost $500.

So now that I know I owe the government a ton of money, what do I do?

I spend money I don't have on Lush products! That's what I do!

I figure it's going to be a loooooooooooooong time before I get to buy Lush products again, so I splurged, hardcore. I won't share the final total of my purchases, but here's what I'm buying:

Big Shampoo
Veganese Conditioner
Cosmic Dreamcatcher (massage bar)
Angels on Bare Skin (skin cleanser)
Skin Drink (skin moisterizer)
Dreamtime (bath melt)
Ceridwen (bath melt)
Something Wicked This Way Comes (bath melt)
French Kiss (bubble bar)
Blue Skies (bubble bar)
Karma Soap
Honey I Washed The Kids Soap
Buffy The Backside Slayer (body butter)
Dream Cream (skin lotion)
You Snap The Whip (body butter)

So yeah, in a couple of weeks I will have the best package arrive at my door. Lush is like crack to me. The plus side of moving to San Fran will be having a store close by and not having to order it all....

I can't wait to try these things out too...
How come you owe them so much? Do you do contracting work?
I bought a condo this year and the stocks I sold to get the down payment did really well. Hooray for capital gains!
Bummer. Next year you should get cash back thanks to the magic of mortgage interest deductions.
Did they do well before, or after you sold them? I would think that if they took off after you sold them, that you wouldn't be responsible for that...

Of course, the tax laws are obtuse by design, so I may be wrong.
Wow, that is total sucksville. But hey......you get to spoil yourself with yummy stuff!
Erm...maybe it's just a girl thing...and maybe I am somewhat hypocritical for saying this, because I know to a lesser degree(I'm sure) I've bought things because I just wanted to, but why buy things like that? I mean, sure they may smell...or feel...good...or whatever they do...but beyond that...why not something tangible? Why not something like a CD or something? Something that will outlast whatever dollar amount you spent on it? Maybe it's just me....
You obviously don't understand the joys that is Lush...but I'll forgive you for that :-P
Mmmm...delicious Lush! *drools*
The plus side of moving to San Fran will be having a store close by and not having to order it all....

Did I miss something? Are you thinking of moving to San Fran?

That is an impressive Lush haul! You will have to post reviews of that stuff, because a lot of it I haven't tried yet.
Yeah - hopfully in a year and a half. I'm working on getting grad school applications together and a few of the schools are in SanFran. I've got two friends from WI who want to move with me too...
The plus side of moving to San Fran will be having a store close by and not having to order it all....

There's a Lush in San Fran? And there wasn't when I was actually living in CA? *cries*

I went to the Lush at Taipei 101 (the current tallest building in the world) two night ago...I didn't buy anything, but I spent a lot of time smelling stuff....mmmmm...I need to find out if there are any Lush stores nearby where I live. I know they exist in Japan, because I went to the one in Sapporo last year, but that's pretty far from me. =(
there are TWO stores in San Fran, the lucky bastards...

I just want to go in and smeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeell...Lush stores must be a olfactory overload...
I can quite imagine the grand total......

but hey, who *can't* spend money they don't have on something called Buffy the Backside Slayer? I mean, c'mon!

Maybe you can finance your Lush habit with a PartyLite habit :-)
Is it bad that even I have not heard of "Lush" -- but it sounds divine...

(2 minutes elapsed)

HOLY GOD! I just visited the website!

Yes - come to the Lush side...we smell better :)

I HIGHLY recomend Big shampoo. It's VERY different from any shampoo that you're used to (it comes in a tub and looks like a salt scrub) but scoop a little (really, not that much is needed) and rub into your hair. YOu will get THE BEST lather of your life and your hair will squeak SQUEAK with cleanliness.

If you have a bathtub, the bubble bars ARE A MUST. My favorite, which they discontinued, made the water feel like SILK. Simply amazing.