I've been following the Terri Schiavo case this past week. It's a sad case with a lot of factors on each side. There is talk of some shady actions going on by her husband - saying that he just wants her to die so he can get money. That the whole reason for him wanting to pull the tube is because he wants to get rid of her. There's also talk that the slow death by starvation is crule and inhumane.

But isn't keeping her alive for all this time simply because people can't let go cruel and inhumane?

People are talking about how they want Terri to live out her god given life. What kind of life is she having right now? What is the quality of her life? The only thing keeping her alive is the tube in her stomach.

Letting go is hard - harder still for a family, no one wants to lose a child, a mother, a wife. But how is it healthy to cling to the dead? That's not living.

It's interesting, people who I've talked to who support the case, and people who are in similar situations with family members have been saying that if they were them, they wouldn't want a feeding tube keeping them alive, they would want to die. But this is DIFFERENT.

Getting religious, one would think that God would want Terri to come home to him. She should have been home 15 years ago. Who are we to step into God's plans? Who are we to fight death?

All things die, and it is hardest on the living to deal with that. But why do we buy real flowers over fake? The fake flowers will last forever, but they aren't real. They don't have the delicate time frame, the joy that is there for only a little while and then gone. We treasure the real flowers over the fake ones.

We treasure real life over fake as well.