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Sasha and Molly enjoying the afternoon sun.

Molly does not seem impressed with my new house slippers (Cthuluhu ate my sole!)

I got to meet Terry Pratchett! He signed my book! HUZZAH!

Hope everybody is having a hoppy easter!
I want Cthuluhu slippers!
EVERYBODY wants Cthulhu slippers.
Molly is so cute.

I really need to read some Lovecraft, cause Cthula is awesome.

I am sending vibes that say I hate you an love you at the same time about the Terry Pratchett thing. Grrr.
you can touch me if you want so.
Touch Touch Touch.
oooooooooo baby I like it that way.
*wiggles eyebrows*
if I had a penis I would wiggle it at you.
If you had a penis and were wiggling it at me...this is just getting too weird.
spelling noted

Yep, that's TP all the way :D

Cute slippers too! "Cthuluhu ate my sole" indeed... BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!
TP is SO COOL :)

And yes - my slippers rawk the world :)
In order: awww, kitties!

Aww, slippers!

And oooh, Pratchett!


MUST LICK HAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As I told amaresu...

You can touch me if you want to.
HAHA she does look quite apathetic there! i hope the cat/plant relationships are going a little better now...looks like the cats are on good terms though! Awesome...
They are getting along - they rough and tumble occasionally, but nothing too major. Molly's still going after the aloe, but she's leaving the cycleman alone, so that's good :)

Thank you again for this opportunity, and I hope things are going alright for you!