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So if it's Monday, how come it feels like Tuesday, hmm?

My day was crap until 5pm today. I didn't hear anything from CommonBond, so that may mean I didn't get the job OR it means that Monday was hella busy (they had friday off - it can happen). Things at work at getting more and more awkward - communication? What's that? Nobody tells me anything and Thera didn't make eye contact with me all day.

I REALLY need a new job. Like - yesterday.

I did manage to write a rough draft of a poem though - based on a story my writing prof told us about 4 years ago. Here's what I have so far:

While out walking today
I found a squirrel, dead
on the sidewalk.
His legs were outstretched
as if in mid leap.
There were no signs of foul play, no marks of dogs
or stones.  Just the body
fallen from flight.
Perhaps he just misjudged the
jump, or maybe he was old.
Or maybe this world was
simply too much
for a squirrel to handle and he
hoping he'd land someplace better
than where he was coming from.
And now his body
broken and stiff on the pavement
is all that is left of his attempt
to escape.

I'm not sure if I want to turn it into a short story or add more to the poem. But I had to write something.

So anyways - at five I sprinted out of the office and drove home with my windows down. IT WAS 65 OUTSIDE!!! There was no way I was going to stay indoors when it was so nice outside. So I changed my clothes, put on my Fabulous Walking Shoes™, grabbed my iPod (Hübsches Frauline) and headed out. I walked one block west and 12 blocks north to Mike's house. We then walked 6 blocks south and 2 blocks east over to Flaffle King where we had dinner (mmmmmmmmmmmmmm....delicious gyros....) and then I walked 6 blocks south and one block west back to my place.

On the walk home I had a GREAT series of songs that got me home:
Return to Oz - Scissor Sisters
Uncle Albert - Paul McCartney
Green Tambourine - Trippin' Daisies
Spinal Meningitis - Ween
Take Your Mama Out - Scissor Sisters

Now I've just gotten out of the shower, got Cthulhu on my feet, and I'm feeling pretty good. My window is open and I can't wait for another 60 degree day tomorrow.
Can I tell you something amazing about the Falafel King? I don't know if you read this on the menu.

Falafel King was one of eight children in Lebanon. His pop died so his mom sent him to orphanage school. After she couldn't afford to keep him there, Falafel King got the bounce. So what did he do?

He set up a falafel stand in front of the orphanage school. Now he's the King. Good story, huh?