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Posers build catapults.

REAL MEN build trebuchets.

God I love this show.
Spoiler! Hey, some of us won't be able to watch it for another five hours.
I TOTALLY didn't give ANYTHING away :)
Spoiler free is the way to be! As last week's Sgwun taught us all. OMG Kawalski!

*ahem* I now know that they will have a catapult. I don't know why. But I know that they will. Now when the catapult appears I will feel cheated. Spoilers free people are scary. We will eat your soul!

don't make me wiggly my imaginary penis at you.
i wish I hadn't missed so many of the earlier episodes of that show. I wanted to get into it, but if i start now nothing will make sense. Not that a whole lot makes sense to me in life anyway ;D.
Watch it because Dominic Monaghan is on :)
mmmm....Dom Monaghan......I think I could survive just muting it and watching him. I would be more then happy with that.

::digs up her Dom pictures on her compy:: Excuse me while I go stare
There's a short clip on the internet of him taking a shower.

Full naked butt. Mmmmm.

I think he has the sexiest feet EVAH.
i love random searches - they let me comment about how hot dominic monaghan is on random journals. :)
Hooray! Share the love of Dom!