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The night is young
The skies are clear
And if you want to go bathing dear
It's delightful, it's delicious, it's de-LUSH-ly!

Oh. My. God.

Some of you may remember my last brush with Lush that swept me off my feet down down the drain towards bankruptcy (and Lush just that much richer). Tonight was another faith affirming jaunt in the bathroom. Once again - I saw the bright and shining face of god in my bathtub - but this time he has the softest skin EVAH.

My Mega Lush Order came today. After work I drove down to the UPS place and picked it up. All the way on the drive home I could smell the lavender leaking through the cardboard and into my nostrils. Once back inside the cozy comforts of my condo (which I cleaned this weekend - gasp! I know) I opened up the box.

I think my favorite part of Lush orders are unwrapping and smelling each product. It's like a little ritual. I take my time and really SMELL what I'm getting into - opening bottles and tubs and plastic bags and inhaling. As you may know, I got A LOT of new things that I've never tried before, so I was eager to experiment with some of these tonight. It was very intersting because everything I used tonight had the smells of springtime of my childhood.

So I ran my bathtub to a steamy degree and right before I got in, I dropped in my Ceridwen bath melt. The main scent from bath melt was tangerine oil. In the back yard back home was a tangerine tree. Every spring we'd go and pick fresh tangerines and eat them on the back porch, a paper bag infront of us filling up with the rinds and the oils seeping into our fingers. As I sank into the water and delved into my trashy romance novel (God bless you, Nora Roberts) my nostrils were filled with the warm, citrus smell. The water was soft and after a while (and a good steamy sex scene) I took the muslim bag the covered the melt and used it to scrub down my upper arms which have suffered the worse this winter.

Once I had my fill of the soak, I broke out You Snap the Whip body butter.

Okay - who out there likes to get dirty? *looks out into the audiance* Come on, don't be shy, raise your hands! Who out there had a lot of fun running about in the mud when they were younger, or rolling about in the sand? Yes - yes, okay - well guys? YOU MUST GET THIS BODY BUTTER. Little bits of exfoliating (look at the big words I'm using!) pumice stone brush and burnish away all those nasty bits of dry skin. Plus, IT MAKES YOU DIRTY. It's so awesome - almost grey/purple suds will cover your body as you scruff away with this bar. And the smell.....ooooooooooh the smell. I can't describe it, but it's nostalgic - summer on the North Shore in my grandmother's house. Something like that. I used up about half of it, probably because the lingering heat of the bath was still on my skin. Once I sanded down my legs and arms, I rinsed off* and got out of the bath.

The next step in my lush-o-rama experience was to try Angels on Bare Skin. I consulted with kaela(the resident Lush guru and the one who got me hooked on the stuff) earlier on how best to use it. I wetted down my face, scooped a little bit on my face, mooshed it a bit, then rubbed it, much like a scrub, onto my face. The smell that hit me, much like with Ceridwen, was the scent of a tree we had back home. Many of you know my love of the almond tree blossoms, and this just SMELLED of almonds. Actually, it smelled of the whole backyard - earthy, planty, little musty. Just amazing. I followed up the wash with Skin Drink which doesn't really have a smell, but goes on SO well. You really don't need a lot (which is good because you don't HAVE a lot) but it's REALLY hydrating my skin (once again - this winter has been HARSH on my face...).

To complete the whole bathroom experience, I rubbed in some Dream Cream. It's fairly light and a little goes a long way (which is good because while they give you a lot, IT'S DAMN EXPENSIVE!! DAMN YOU LUSH!). So now my skin has been softened, sanded, and soothed. I smell WONDERFUL (you all wish you could smell me right now - you totally do). My windows are wide open right now, and I can smell spring outside and in.

Next up: Tomorrow morning when I wash my hair, I'll be using Veganese Conditioner for the first time. Yay!

I understand the reason why
You're sentimental, 'cause so am I
It's delightful, it's delicious, it's de-LUSH-ly!

* okay - after I rinsed off I also gave my legs a quick shave down and managed to give my self the worst nic I've ever had since I first started shaving back in the 7th grade. Damn. I had to MacGuyver myself a tourniquet to stop the bleeding. Shit man - we're talking a good couple layers of skin are GONE.
That's sounds delightfully Lushgasmic...=)