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Good news: I have an interview with ProStaff, a good temp agency here in the cities on Friday. THey called me after seeing my resume on Monster.Com and would like to speak with me. 9 months at Omni has given me good office skills and I think I could do temping. Besides - with grad school in the works, getting a permanent job may not be the best idea in the world. However, what kind of job I do get does make my application to grad school look better. Right now, there are three things I really need:
1) A salary somewhere in the 20s.
2) A health insurance plan.
3) Something that actually has me WORKING.

Not so good news? Thera called me into the office today to talk about how my job search was coming along. I've kept her informed so it wasn't all that big. Then she told me that she talked with our president about how they have been having a hard time finding a decent replacement for me. They realized, then, that they didn't have enough work for a replacement (well DUH) and so they have decided to terminate my position.

Thera asked for my letter of resignation. Because I had originally told her that I was hoping to be gone by the start of May, she asked that April 29th be my last day. And so it is.


I have 3 weeks to find a job. Yes.

This is when I reach for my copy of the Hitchhikers Guide and flip to the passage where it says, in nice calming words...

Hey hey babe, I am in some what of the same boat as you. I currently have a job but if you have been keeping up with my news they have been really jerking me around about giving me full time so I can get decent money and health insurance. So yes I am looking for another job. Temp services can be good, keep your head clear and you will find something cause you are uber awesome!
Best of luck
Thanks babe - I'm feeling confident...just a little worried. It's now on their terms and that's always a little squicky. =/
Yeah that does suck. But I know you will make it through.
God damn being in my apartment alone...i keep seeing things out of the corner of my eye and when i turn there is nothing there. It's starting to freak me out!
oooooooooooooh, but there ARE things lurking there....in the darkness...
I noticed a bunch of new openings at St. Kate's. Check the website (www.stkate.edu)
Thanks! Actually, one of the jobs I think I'd be really great at!
That means you can come to the EC dance! ^_^ Well, I guess I look on the bright side of life. *hug* Good luck in the job search.