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New College called me today to talk about the program! Truth be told I called them first, but they called me back!

It was kind of funny, the office admin/student I talked to called me because she saw my 612 area code and was all OMG! This girl is from The Cities!! She grew up in North Saint Paul so we chatted for a bit.

We then talked about the college and the program and now I don't feel crazy for feeling a "cosmic click" when I first found their program for writing and consciousness. We talked about the draw of the community and the goal of creating something lasting.

I also talked to someone from California College of the Arts and Portland State - all of the colleges are going to send me information on their programs. I am VERY excited.

Right now the goal is to be in California the week of my birthday to visit parents and visit colleges.

I knew today was going to be great when I got in the car this morning and "Bouncing round the room" was playing on the radio. They NEVER play Phish on the radio (except for Heavy Things).

Good things - good things.
YAY! I hope you find a college that excites the hell out you:) And damn, which station played Bouncing Round the Room? That song freaking rocks.

PS when is your birthday??
Drive 105 played it at like, 6:45am. It was crazy! The only Phish song I ever hear on the radio is Heavy Things so yeah - that was awesome :)

PS - my birthday is October 11th :)
you might be going to CCAC?! I might be going there too!! how crazy would that be? two ec girls rockin out on the west coast...
Hee! Well, CCA is one of the colleges - the other one, New College, is ALSO in SF, and NDNU is also a possibility as well.