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I got the gradschool packet from PSU! Go team me!

I also have an interview on Thursday, pleeeeeeeeeeeeease think good thoughts!!

The great outdoors is finally thawed. Now it's time for me to leave my hermitage and enjoy it!
meg, meg, meg. PCU isn't a real school it was just in that movie... What? Oh! PSU. Never mind. Congrats!
Look out that window! That's not a protest! That is cry for help! They're begging us..."Please have a party!! Feed us drinks!! GET US LAAAAAAAAAAAAID! AAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!"

Thanks :) It's just the packet for the application, but it's the first one I've received and I'm excited to start this process!

See ya at the game on Wednesday!
PSU would be a good fit for you, I think. Very urban feel to it, a little much oin the hippie culture for most, but very close to a lot of P-town sights. OOOO, and also there's a light rail that goes right through the campus *drools*. Yeah, urban planner geek in me speaking here :-P