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I haven't been writing much in here. My journal has turned into useless updates. It used to be a journal, I used to put my ideas and dreams in here, my outragiousheadinthecloudsunsoundtheoriesoflife. But then I had time to do that. I suppose I'm a morning/afternoon writer. When I come home from work I have nothing to talk about, nothing to say, meaningless updates is all I post.

I write letters to boys that go unanswered and yet I keep writing them.

I write letters to friends who write me back but then forget to send them.

My past is behind me and yet I keep looking at it. My future is ahead and all I can do is strive for the goal. My present is here and I'm ignoring it. Idle dreams and wishes mean nothing when you aren't living at the moment.

Pretentious, pretentious, pretentious am I. Jumping feet first and not afraid of where I'll land, only knowing that eventually I will. I run headlong into things with out thinking then do it all again.

What else will I leave behind me? I leave a trail of dust in my wake, my sandals wore cardboard thin in the soles as I turn and hit a new place. Always searching, never finding, never quite content. Not willing to settle down because there's always something more out there.

I am not conventional, and that makes me just like the other 20somes in this world.
(Deleted comment)
That's what I was thinking. If not now, when? Life is too short for me not to take these risks.

If I burn out, I burn out, but at least I will have tried.
I haven't been posting anything lately.... My mind has pretty much just been numbed and I can't think of stuff to write. So kudos to you for being able to put anything at all on your LJ!
Don't worry, I love you!