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I spent the first year of college as a biology major. I spent more of my high school career studying the sciences. When I was in elementary school I wanted to be naturalist. When I was in second grade I told everybody I wanted to be an entomologist. Since I was five I wanted to work at the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

The summer after my freshman year I went back home to Davis. One summer evening as I was washing the dishes from dinner, I had a revelation. It went something like this: "I don't like math." *scrub scrub scrub rinse* "I really don't like chemistry." *scrub scrub scrub rinse dunk* "Physics frightens me," *scrub scrub* "and I don't even want to think about genetics." *rinse dunk* "I got an A in english this semester and a C in biology." *rinse rinse rinse* "I wasn't able to get into the bio classes I needed and I like literature a whole lot...Mom? I'm changing my major."

I make life changing decisions in the weirdest of places.

I miss it though. I still watch science programs, I still find my self gravitating towards PBS and Discovery when I get the chance. Going to Zoos is one of my favorite things to do. I love walking down the rows and rows of habitats and learning new things about the creatures who live there. I don't think zoos are bad or horrible, I think they are wonderful and I would work at one in a heartbeat.

So how did I go from there to here? How did I go from someone who is so passionate about animals to someone who spent the last 3 years of college taking almost nothing but english classes? Because I realized that I would not be happy spending my time in the sciences. That's not how I wanted to spend the rest of my life. It wasn't right for me.

In life, there is no one right answer. There is no one right way to live your life. I realized this back in February when I looked at how I was progressing with my life and realized that it just wasn't how I wanted to live. It wasn't right for me, just as how I'm changing my life isn't right for others. I'm not saying that everybody has to get up and change where they are headed in life, and I'm not saying that either way is good or bad. But don't automatically assume that I'm going to crash and burn. And if I do crash and burn, it happens, and I'll survive. But at least I took the risk in my life and tried to do it.
You need to do what you think is going to make you happy. And if it ends up being the wrong path, well then you will pick up the pieces and try again. Because you are strong and smart, and life is full of chances that people have to take. I wish you best of luck with whatever you choose to do with your life.