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Life is going well. I like this. I really do.

I started at Tubs, Inc. today at 9am. I took the bus down to Hennepin/Washington and walked 4 blocks to work, passing a porn store and a strip joint and many delightful cafes. I should note, for the sake of my mother, that this IS a safe neighborhood and really, there's porn stores and strip joints on EVERY corner of downtown Minneapolis. Really.

I like that I have my ipod with me as I go to and from work - a constant soundtrack is what everybody needs and my ipods psychic powers were on high gear as the music, even on random, fit with the mood and atmosphere of my commute.

My coworkers are nice, the office is nice, and the work I'm doing is a lot like the work I did at gopher state except with fewer people yelling at me. Plus, the pay is the same as what I was making at Omni, so no complaints.

Grad School:
So now I have all the paper work and packages from NDNU, New College, CCA, and PSU. As I count it, I have about 9 months to get my writing into tip-top shape. I plan on helping this by attending the spoken word thingy over at Mapps on thursday nights (starting next week - I mean, CAKE!!! CAKE!!! CAAAAAAAAAAAAKE!!!!). I like what New College had to say:
The Writing and COnsciousness curriculum has been designed in the belief that all writing is political and writing dose not occur in a vacuum...We view writing as something personal, intimately connected to both reader and writer, potentially subversive, dangerous to common sense and conventional wisdom, and rich in possibilities for imagining different approaches to life and creation...Our program is rooted in a tradition of thought that expresses the necessary links between writing and rebellion.
Yeah, I'm excited. And scared out of my WITS.

I just finished reading "Life of Pi" by Yann Martel. It came highly recommended to me by my friend and one of my future husbands, David. It was a quick read and for the most part I enjoyed it. In the very beginning it said "this story will make you believe in God," however, it just told me what I already KNEW about God. I don't know if this is just because I have a very open view on religion, a very firm faith (note - I said FAITH, not dogma), or what. I suppose I was disappointed that it didn't add anything new to my philosophy, or challenge my current views at all. That being said - it was a very well written book, it kept me interested the entire time, the concept was fascinating, and so in that regards I loved it. But I wasn't left with any questions, and the "suggested reading questions" at the end didn't stimulate me either. Am I missing something from the book? I don't know. I wish that my World Religions class had read it - my professor for that (who also taught Christianity and Cultural diversity and must have cried, seriously cried, when Benny Joe was elected pope) would have lead some interesting discussions, and I would have enjoyed talking about it with him.

Maybe I jsut don't have anybody to talk to about it.

Anyhoot - next on the chopping block is "Lullaby" by Chuck Palahniuk, and I'm enjoying that so far. Not his strongest, but very good. I loved the whole though pattern the guy had that ended up with the thought that the deaf would rule the world. Amazing. Especially because our generation is the sound generation. Silence is lost us.

After that is "I am Charlotte Simmons" by Tom Wolf, also recommended to me by the future husband. I've been wading my way through "Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test" as of late, and while some parts are just rivetting, I feel that large chunks could have been left on the cutting room floor. But that's just me. I know NOTHING of this book, and look forward to getting to it.

Once this current reading binge is done, I have some authors that were listed in the CCA and New College packets that I want to check out. Best way to get a good understanding of the program is to read what is to be discussed.

So there we go - that's my life as of late. Cake on Thursday, HGTTG Friday, Work, Books, Pride in June, Keller Williams in July, Party in August, Serenity in September, College Tours in October...yeah...things are shaping up for me.
But what did you think of idol preformances?